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    Mac make up

    MAC don't do kits, they have a website so you can get an approx price for getting what you need together. HTH's :)
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    OMG Tescos are now doing beauty

    You'll find at least one in any Walmart you go into in the States. It's not as if it's clown college and you will get a comedy certificate. I'm sure Tesco would take the right steps in training there employee's.
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    Entity UV Top Coat

    Hi Natalie, thanks for the offer =)
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    In recent years they have stopped uploading word, excel etc onto PC's and laptop's in the hope you will buy it. But if you have already got it for another computer or a family member has it, you can upload it onto your computer. This can be normally be done 4/5 times max. The guy at Apple...
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    Entity UV Top Coat

    Anyone? :eek::lol:
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    Entity UV Top Coat

    Hi girls, I'm looking for a bit of feedback. I am thinking about trying Entity UV Top Coat for my acrylics, and wondered what your thought's are on it. TIA. :hug:
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    Does Seraphora ship to the UK?

    Omg I am going to be skint for the rest of time lol :D
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    Does Seraphora ship to the UK?

    U lucky bugger! Lol :D
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    Has Salon Geek lost its sense of humour

    I think some of the misunderstandings on here are in relation to how we write stuff on threads. Obvisouly there is a massive difference between reading in on the internet and speaking in person. As smooth said smilies do help in these situations. They help make others understands the...
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    Does Seraphora ship to the UK?

    As Lisa said they don't ship to the UK, and they did used to have a presence in the UK a few years ago. Apart from America, your nearest one would be France. Maybe a weekend away? hehe. Some many of us in the blogging world want them badly back to the UK. It would be easier than spending...
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    What car do you drive?

    I have a peugeot 306 and I manage in the snow ok. But the hubs has a mitsubishi evo 3 and that is pure awesome :D 4-wheel drive
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    Mobile nail service - Should I buy a table and a set of chairs

    Dunelm Mill have a folding table and padded chairs, all are £6.99 each.
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    A set of Acrylic French Tips in 45 minutes

    Don't worry I'm still at that stage. Thought I would do red glitter tips on my mum the other night because she is away this weekend. Took me 3 hours. I just need to practise and not forget that.
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    So stressed and upset! Libel!

    And if you can keep screen grabs of what she's posted, facebook is public. press control and the print screen on what you want, then open a word document and edit on the toolbar and paste. hth's
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    So stressed and upset! Libel!

    That is slander, and you can have her for it. Definetly speak to Citazens Advice, brilliant people and they helped me with my OH old work, so I knew exactly where we stood.
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    What do I need to start doing nail art?

    You can buy striper nail polish which has a really thin brush, design for doing flicks etc. LA Colors is a brand I own and I have 5 colours and they are helpful for doing the basic stuff. Migi nail art pens are also worth looking at, because they have both the brush and a pen type end for...
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    Zone 1 dvd's

    not normally, but if u can check to see if you can change the setting of your dvd player.
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    Help to ban MMA in Nail Industry - UPDATED

    I've signed it! :)
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    Nail Courses Glasgow!

    Hi, I trained with Nailzone in Aberdeen, and it was good, I have no complaints about it but I recommend CND, I'm hoping in the future I can get some money together and do a conversion course. :D
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    Rock-star nails. Where do you buy your glitter?

    I have the Martha Stewart glitters too, great range of colours and they come in a carry case.