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    Question from beauty geek re colour correction

    Hi hair expert geeks, just popped over from beauty boards for some advice, hope you dont mind. I've been colouring my hair with a permanent high street box colour (dont shout at me!). The condition is good but its very dark brown and i want to go a more chocolatey colour with some...
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    Perfect baby pink polish?

    I'd like a baby pink polish for toenails. Must have good coverage, not look patchy, be a proper colour and not just a french mani type pink, not sparkly. What do you suggest. Thankyou xxxxx
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    Tips for tanning wrists, please

    Ive been spray tanning for about four months and it is going really well. But this last week several people have said the inside of their wrists looked a bit messy. The tan stops abruptly at the wrist in a kind of ragged patchy splodgy line. Same thing down the side of the thumb. Have seen...
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    Clarisonic or similar

    Does anyone use a Clarisonic brush on their clients? Or maybe something similar? And if so, how would you clean the brush?
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    Beau bronze spray tan solution

    Have searched but dont see much about this one. Has anybody tried it? Thanks xx
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    When you first did spray tans... many people did you tan before you felt confident? Xxx
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    After wax cream or gel?

    Have used same one for ages and fancied a change. What do you all use please? Xx
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    Sp lashes - hiccup

    Ive been practising sp lashes for about ten weeks. Have really gone for it and done two to four hours a day, every day. Reasonably happy now with my technique and speed but have hit a glitch: This week, five different ladies who had new lashes applied by me on the same couple of days...
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    EEs. Tint then lash. This is OK, right?

    I have searched and most people seem to think this is ok. Just wanted to check with you. Thanks and happy new year!
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    Shellac pep - too thorough?

    Ok. I love shellac but its taking me too long. Cant do it in under an hour and fifteen, which is not cost effective. I think im spending way too long on pep. 45 mins on average. I try to get every last scrap of cuticle off, but i just cannot do so in, say, 60 seconds a nail. I am not a...
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    Natural face lift massage technique

    Does anybody know anything about this? Have you trained to do it, or experienced it yourself? Does it honestly make much difference, do clients like it? Thank you geeks!
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    Pro gun - yes or no?

    I am beginning to investigate spray tanning kits and systems. Lots of helpful threads on here thank you! One thing i cant figure out though, would it be worth getting the Maximist pro-gun or is the standard one ok? In fact, whats the difference please? Xxxxx
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    Is Shellac 'guaranteed' for two weeks?

    Ive just been reading a thread on mumsnet and one on moneysavingexpert. In each case the op had problems with Shellac chipping or lifting after a couple of days or a week. Several replies say that Shellac is guaranteed for two weeks, advising the op/s that one weeks wear is not good enough...
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    Is there enough business for everyone?

    Ive just come back from a local high street. Its most definitely not a prosperous area but since i last visited (maybe a year) SIX nails/hair/basic beauty salons have opened within 300 feet of each other. In the row of shops near me FOUR hair and nails salons have opened in the same time...
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    How to bribe Kim Lawless....

    I am desperate to train to do intimate waxing with the magnificent, inspiring Kim Lawless. I want to do her course as soon as poss in the new year Sigh In the south of england would be fab but hey, i'll go anywhere When oh when will there be dates available? What can i offer...
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    Facebook - where to put pricelist??

    I am wrestling with my new Facebook page. Have read a lot of threads and picked up some great ideas. I cant figure out the following 1. where should i put my pricelist? I dont have a website so cant link to that 2. I want to show up on other peoples pages. What do they need to do on...
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    Why I will continue to seek advice at Salongeek..

    I read the earlier thread regarding the bracing nature of some replies on here. I love this site. Ive been a beauty therapist for fifteen years and had become quite jaded and maybe a little complacent. Not proud of that but its true. Salongeek has totally rekindled my passion for the...
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    Should SP Lashes adhere to the whole natural lash?

    Ie should they be bonded all the way up? And if so, does anyone have tips for getting the extension and natural lash to fully bond? Most of mine bond for about 50% of the way up then i get a kind of v where they divide Been practising four hours (not all on one victim) and eyes crossing...
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    Shellac french patchy

    This is only my second salongeek post so please be gentle!!! I am truly loving Shellac - have done the inspiring cnd course and read lots of helpful threads on here (thank you xx). All is well except I find i am getting a patchy finish to my french white and its bugging me :eek: I am...
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    EE slowcoach

    Hi this is my first post although i've been reading and absorbing this fantastic forum for a while First, thank you thank you thank you to the lovely members who take the time to answer questions - you are all heroes! Anyway, to the point: I trained with lashperfect ten days ago. To date...