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  1. Hairgirl31

    Xpress colourart

    Hi all :), Im constantly looking at anything to do with hair and this popped up on my Facebook page about "Xpress Colourart", i messaged for more information but since i am mobile they wouldn't really tell me much. They advertise it as a digital hair analysis. I don't really know much more...
  2. Hairgirl31

    Wella Straighten It! Opinions welcome

    This is my 70 year old aunts hair, i have permission to post i used the Wella straighten it intense to give her this look, she was over the moon :) I was really happy wit the result , can anyone give me any constructive criticism and their opinions :)
  3. Hairgirl31

    Help with colouring extensions

    I have coloured hair bob lengthed with a tiny root base 5 my colour is a 5/75 xp100 coloyr , I am having my weave fitted and I am having it liftednto and orange undercoat and a mask 6:64 will be applied I cant seem to find a weave light enough to match the colour I wat to be has anyone on here...
  4. Hairgirl31

    Bored of my hair , need advice

    Hey Hair gurus , I am a hair stylist and i am completely bored of my hair , i have recently pre lightened my hair from a 6/43 to blonde althouh i feel like my eyes are too dark to be blonde , i am not into going any crazy colours and i dont want to be darker than a 6 , my natural base is a 5 ...