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    Nail competitions

    thinking about entering a nail comp in prof beauty north this year wondering if any 1 has any advice on courses etc that would help me? ive never entered a competition before so this will be my first 1 :D
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    Swarovski crystals or rhine stones?

    what do you use for you crystal pedicures im looking to add this to my treatment list an just wondered whats best to use ?
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    why can't i upload photos ???? x
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    how much to increase prices by???

    im just wondering about putting my prices up! ive been doing nails for years an never put my prices up! silly i know!!! how much is reasonable to increase? :irked:
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    MINX and overlays???

    after careful consideration i have decided to go with minx as the form of nail 'wrap' im going to use im gonna buy the kit an do training after i get back of my hols but was just wondering if you can put an overlay of l&p over minx??? xx
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    Neon coloured powder???

    just wondering if any body knows where i can purchase neon coloured powders from ???? had a request from a client thats goi to a festival an wants the brightest nails x
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    Trendy nail wraps

    just wondering if anybody has tryed these? just found them on a site but cant find any training??? x
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    im looking to enter a nail comp this year! im so excited at the prospect of this an just wondering if anyone has any tips or sites i should visit as this will be my first comp and i could do with all the help i can get xx
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    What nail training to do next?

    ive been doing l&p nails using cnd for about 6 years now, i have only been on a basic nail course, i just want to enhance my career prospects an realise more training is the only way to do it! just dont know which is the right direction to take 'as in' company product course etc???:confused...