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    Creative Sale??

    im a member didnt get an email tho!? :cry:
  2. tip and overlay <3

    tip and overlay <3

  3. overlays on natural nails <3

    overlays on natural nails <3

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    Nail competitions

    thinking about entering a nail comp in prof beauty north this year wondering if any 1 has any advice on courses etc that would help me? ive never entered a competition before so this will be my first 1 :D
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    Trendy Wraps & Minx

    It makes me laugh when I see salons saying,,we do creative nails, like that makes them great, iygwim, yes great products, but what about the tech???? xxx haha sorry to hijack this thead! katie i had a woman com into my shop an ask do i do them 'creative nails' she thought thats what l&p nails...
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    Swarovski crystals or rhine stones?

    ye thats what i thought! i want them to look the best! haha because its only a reflection on me isnt it! swarovski it is! best get calculating the price!:irked: x
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    Polish for French Manicures

    cnd polish is fab! i use sticky base coat negligee or french pink and cream puff then of course super shiney top coat all my polishes are from there vintage collection so don't know if they have any nice new ones but there lovely never a bad turn out x
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    Swarovski crystals or rhine stones?

    what do you use for you crystal pedicures im looking to add this to my treatment list an just wondered whats best to use ?
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    Dirt behind acrylic nails

    scrubbing brush soap an water works fine for me? :lol: x
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    why can't i upload photos ???? x
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    CND Polish - Nail Discolouration

    i had my nails discolour from rock royalty a purple cnd (old) colour but id just took my nails of and didnt buff them bit of a rush job lol so thnk thats why mine stained never happened before with cnd polish there usually fab! x
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    how much to increase prices by???

    im just wondering about putting my prices up! ive been doing nails for years an never put my prices up! silly i know!!! how much is reasonable to increase? :irked:
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    CND Negligee

    try a bit of polish thinner in your thick tacky bottle works wonders x
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    Guild competitions

    ive just enter my first comp for some crystal clear stuff need it my skins a mess :cry: so fingers crossed xx
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    Air Bubbles

    when using l&p try using a wetter bead??? and try warming the hands hope this helps x
  16. hand painted leopard print with rhinestones

    hand painted leopard print with rhinestones

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    MINX and overlays???

    will have a look thanks xx
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    MINX and overlays???

    after careful consideration i have decided to go with minx as the form of nail 'wrap' im going to use im gonna buy the kit an do training after i get back of my hols but was just wondering if you can put an overlay of l&p over minx??? xx
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    Nails in 20 Minutes?

    Poppits are great i use them with cnd retention+ and have never had any bubbles also great if you want to do a set on yourself as your other hand is easier to do :) x
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    Neon coloured powder???

    ye nfu.oh!!! ordered from them they look fab cant wait to receive them :) thanx again xx:green: