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  1. Saralou

    Self employed, weekly rent and percentage split

    Thank you for your reply. No unfortunately shes not making a profit and she's struggling to make a wage. I have recommended she look elsewhere. I thought the same as you and I couldn't believe it when she told me. Ive never heard of it being that high before and wanted to see if anyone else has...
  2. Saralou

    Self employed, weekly rent and percentage split

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a little bit of advice. Today I went to visit my friend in a salon who rents the chair along with another 3 stylists. My friend used to work in my salon with me before I sold and moved away and she was telling me she gets charged £200 a week for the chair as it's...
  3. Saralou

    Online software costs

    I have just joined Shedul which is free for the moment. You can add as many staff as you like and see reports of appointments, sales, inventory and best of all it sends out confirmation emails and text reminders. Clients can book through your website and Facebook page. I have found it really...
  4. Saralou

    Chairs and beauty room to rent

    We have a number of self employed vacancies within the salon available. ✂ Stylists chairs to rent! Beauty room and nail desk to rent! The salon is set within a busy location through Radcliffe on routes to Manchester, Bury and Bolton. Opposite is a busy Tesco Express and free parking for...
  5. Saralou

    Mobile hairdressing mayhem!

    Your better setting your hours sooner rather than later. I received a text from a client to come at 7.30pm an hour later for her full head hilites and cut and finish as she was getting her tea, I don't think she thought about wether I'd had mine lol. Clients will always expect you to work later...
  6. Saralou

    Colour range

    Alfaparf x
  7. Saralou

    Which trade magazines do you read?

    I receive Professional Beauty, Professional Hairdresser and Mary behind the chair which I get sent from America. I enjoy reading the articles about business and products and feel its one way of keeping up to date with the industry.
  8. Saralou

    What's your age?

    27 x
  9. Saralou

    Hair up pictures

    Here are a few of my hair up pictures
  10. Saralou

    Geek Pets

    This is Archie, my 2 year old Yorkshire terrier x
  11. Saralou

    Mobile hairdressing products

    I use my own shampoo, conditioner, and styling products all from L'Oreal Professional. I feel I'm offering a professional service so I provide the products to do this. Every so often a client would like me to use the product they provide and I will do but I always let them know what I carry so...
  12. Saralou

    Help! Don't know how to reply to my eyelash client!

    With admitting to you the right side is fine shows its not your technique. To offer treatments half price or free may give her an impression it can be done time and time again, this she could tell her friends. I have found in past experiences when a client has tried to take the mick as soon...
  13. Saralou

    The cheek of it!

    I'm a hairdresser and had something similar happen, a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning I received a text from a lady asking if I could go round to visit that day to bleach her hair with a bleach product she had already bought from the supermarket!! The colour to go from dark red to pale blonde...
  14. Saralou

    How do people afford to charge such low prices?

    Stereo typical comment of a mobile therapist! Some may not pay anything but the majority want their business to build and in doing this use quality. I understand that the overheads are more in salon but the products I use are of high quality. I worked in salons for 10 years building up a large...
  15. Saralou

    The Daily Mail's review of Tesco's salons

    Firstly I have to say as a customer yes it is daunting ringing and booking an appointment but isn't this what we do for doctors, dentist etc??? But as a hairdresser to wait around for unorganised clients is a nightmare. We are all trained professionals and timing is everything not to mention...