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  1. aannnja

    LED lamp

    Thank you for reply. I'm new in this bussines, so these are my first gel polishes and first led lamp. I have slovakia's professional gel polishes (brand Christel). I alredy wrote a question about these polishes, but nobody replied. But I'm sure nobody knows this brand :) this is the link where i...
  2. aannnja

    LED lamp

    hello! I'm wondering if something is wrong with my led lamp. I have problems with removing gel polish, i tried 3 different removers, different methods, but nothing works. I don't know what to do anymore.. Can it be possible, that the led lamp is drying to much? It is 36W, and I'm drying 60s...
  3. aannnja

    Christel UV gel polish

    Hello! Does anyone know brand called Christel? I think it's slovakian brand, but not sure.. I bought 5 gel polishes (3 in 1, you don't need base and top coat), and now I have problem with removing gel polish.. So, if anyone out there has the same problems as I do, please let me know :)