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  1. Julie Forster

    Lash lift kit recommendations

    I’m trained with Lash Base, which is super easy to use with good long lasting results. However, when I last tried to put an order in recently none of their products were available. They have bought out a new range which I’m thinking of giving a try.
  2. Julie Forster

    Back wax

    The first few times my husband got a back wax he had these awful acne like spots for ages. Now, after persevering, he’s absolutely fine. I’m sure this is actually quite common
  3. Julie Forster

    Starting level 2 beauty therapy City and Guilds course advice

    I started to train in my early 30s and entered the industry at the age of 34. I’m a curvy girl and make no apologies for it, I am who I am. my uniform is always clean, my makeup fresh and my nails manicured. I’ve built up a fantastic client base and over the years my clients have always said...
  4. Julie Forster

    Visors PPE?

    Oh my goodness I feel your pain. This is me too
  5. Julie Forster

    Frustrating client

    Thank you, that’s interesting to hear about the pro health basecoat. For now I have told her to go to the salon she appears to be having the success with. I explained that with all the goodwill in the world, I enjoy her company and my visits to her home to do her nail treatments, however if...
  6. Julie Forster

    Gel polish peeling/falling off?

    I had no idea that overcuring can cause lifting! Why so?
  7. Julie Forster

    Frustrating client

    Hello everyone, I completed the 0PI gel colour course around five years ago and work as a mobile beauty therapist. Over the years I have built my kit up with plenty of OPI gel colour, the new health top and basecoat plus shellac base, a good selection of Shellac colours and the shellac express...