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  1. jacqueline

    Minx gold fish scale

    Anyone noticed the designers signature on this Minx. My client at the weekend didn't want us to use those ones, but we managed to do it with the "signature stamp" cut off. Minx have obviously had calls about it as when I spoke to them this morning she knew instantly what I was going to say...
  2. jacqueline

    Morocco Oil RRP

    Can I ask you guys a question please regarding MO pricing? I know we can't discuss wholesale which is correct but can anyone tell me what the MO products retail for in a salon in UK please? (If this isn't allowed on the site maybe a pm, I would appreciate it). Specifically the oil...
  3. jacqueline

    Shellac sneak preview (rack and additives)

    It's getting towards that time of year again here in Orlando and we are getting ready for the biggest beauty show in the USA, Premier Orlando, it is a truly awesome event. The atmosphere is amazing and there are thousands and thousands who attend/show. Looking forward to this year and...
  4. jacqueline

    OPI Pure Laquer nail wraps

    Another one getting in on the act.
  5. jacqueline

    New Minx

    Not my cup of tea but more to choose from: Minx |
  6. jacqueline

    New Minx

  7. jacqueline

    Steve Jobs

    Saddened to read tonight that Steve Jobs has died. He was an absolute genius and his legacy will live on. He inspired me greatly when I was doing my IT degree some years ago and I admired him to this day.
  8. jacqueline

    Wax on all the time?

    A quick question please, search facility didn't find what I was looking for. For salon/home based therapists, do you leave your wax/pot on 24/7?
  9. jacqueline

    Solar Oil Sachets

    In between clients at the minute and trying to find an answer to this one. I used the search facility and scanned a few posts too but couldn't find anything related to my question, so apologise if I am repeating anything! Basically I wanted to know if anyone has managed to get hold of the...
  10. jacqueline

    MORI-01 Hot Towels Dispenser

    Does anyone use one of these dispensers or have any feedback about them?
  11. jacqueline

    Recent Scratch Covers

    Bit random here, but does anyone else think the last couple of covers have been really dull and uninspiring? I was just thinking this recently and then funnily enough there was an article in it this months issue discussing best covers last year which prompted me to ask the pros what they thought.
  12. jacqueline

    Plastic business cards

    Does anyone use plastic business cards, thinking about getting some made up credit card size? We use quite high end ones but looking for something a bit more robust that will be easy to carry around in purses and wallets without getting all dog eared.
  13. jacqueline

    Spa pedicure chair

    Apologies if this has been covered before although I just did a search and waded through pages going back to 2003 but couldn't find anything suitable. I need to get hold of a couple of spa pedicure chairs, researched a few a while back for my business plan but the time is coming where I need...
  14. jacqueline

    Pedicure/Nail art

    Do you do much nail art with a pedicure or do clients just want solid colours on their toenails these days? Also what should you be charging for say French with free hand nail art say just on the big toes? Thanks:)