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  1. Buxom

    Hair extension quality

    Hi Geeks, Thoughts on brand new hair installed that gets puffy right away. Brushes out nicely, not knotting but then reverts to puff immediately. How can I keep it smooth and shiny? Tried Olaplex stand alone treatment, hair masks and silicone oils already. Thanks!
  2. Buxom

    Hair Botox

    Hey! Has everyone heard of the new keratin treatment- Botox for hair? Is it a brand name, or where can we find the product? Thank you!
  3. Buxom

    K-tip odor

    Hey Geeks, Is it normal for fusions to have a “gluey” smell when melting, or is this a sign of poor adhesive? Thanks!
  4. Buxom

    Hair extension coating

    Does any have any experience with “coating” hair? I have a client who’s coating has worn off and wants me to look into re-coating rather than getting her new hair. I have dimethicone but can’t find any information on this process. Has anyone heard anything on this? Thanks!
  5. Buxom

    Fusion hair tips

    Can anyone please explain the differences between u, v and flat tips for fusion? Do they create a different finished look or affect install? Thank you!
  6. Buxom

    Hair extension detectability

    Hello Geeks! What is the optimal in your opinion type of extension for a fine but still strong enough hair type that has trouble hiding their extensions? Personally, I feel the fusions are ideal- as I’ve done tapes, microlink wefts and pieces. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  7. Buxom

    Platinum root tap/smudge

    Hey! My client is a natural 7, has been doing a full level 10 bleach and is looking to soften her demarcation line. My thoughts are to do a level 8/10 vol root tap. I've only ever done a smudge on highlights, so my question is when I'm re-touching her, am I just to break the former root colour...
  8. Buxom

    "Safer" lighteners?

    Hi All... Has anyone looked closely at different lightener brands to see if any are cleaner with less toxins vs. Others, or are they all pretty similar across the board? Thanks!
  9. Buxom

    Pregnancy exposure

    Hey! I'm curious everyone's thoughts on a full bleach/tone on a pregnant woman? Would you feel hilights would be more safe? Also, feelings on olaplex on a pregnant client? Thanks for your input!
  10. Buxom

    How does this celeb maintain her blonde?

    I'm perplexed as these photos are all around the same block of time. At times she looks hilighted with her natural inbetween, and sometimes she looks like a highlit 12 with a 9-10v base. Is she alternating babylights with baby lights and paint between? If so, how would she achieve such a...
  11. Buxom

    What would your formula be?

    Hey! So a level 7 that pulls a lot of warmth, wants to be a 9-10v base with 12 hilites. I foiled in her her hilites and painted a hilift blonde with violet and blue additive in between. Used Olaplex on both applications. I ended up having to do 3 or 4 root applications, and took 1.5hrs to...
  12. Buxom

    Crown breakage

    Hey all! Does anyone have a good plan of action for my client. Level 7, fine haired coloured to a 9-10 is experiencing breakage only in crown. About 2" left. I believe back combing is exacerbating it. How can she move forward styling and continue coloring while rebuilding the length in her...
  13. Buxom

    How can I avoid extreme warmth?

    Hey all! My client is a level 6 / 50% grey. I paint between her foils to bring her to 7-8a, but no matter what formula I use, her roots always end up orange. I add nearly an entire tube of ash additive and it doesn't make a difference. I end up having to do a second pass of the same formula to...
  14. Buxom

    Anybody mix and match when out of a product?

    Hi everyone, So I know systems are meant to be utilized as per the directions. But...has anyone used Vinylux with regular topcoat, specifically Seche Vite in a pinch? Thanks!
  15. Buxom

    To hire someone, or take a break and enjoy this time?

    Hi everyone, I am 31wks pregnant renting salon space, and although my intentions were to work as close to my due date, low blood pressure has me in near fainting spells with clients every day. I fear my time is coming to an end. I am stressed and torn with my options. Although most of you...
  16. Buxom

    How would you break this base?

    Hi everyone, I have a client who is a natural level 6-7 ash, but no matter what formula we use, gold is pulled immediately. Tried drabbers etc. I use goodwell but am open to other formula ideas. The model photos is what she is looking to achieve at the root. any recommendations? Also, do you...
  17. Buxom

    Pipeless pedicure set up idea

    Hi geeks, I am exploring ideas for a cost effective pipeless pedi station. It seems hard to find something nice looking without plumbing. I had an idea for my space...please tell me if this is ridiculous or if you have a better idea. I thought I would purchase a good looking hydraulic...
  18. Buxom

    Waxing before brow embroidery/microbladng

    Hello, What is the reason waxing is not recommended before doing a Semi-permanent brow treatment? Seems like it would aid in an easier outline for brow placement.
  19. Buxom

    Semi-permanent brows bald spot touch up

    Hello! I am somewhat new to performing this service, however only my last 3 clients have experienced this on their touch up and I'm wondering if anyone can explain why. First session is a success, and about 5 days after the second, scab and pigment comes off on parts of brows which appears to...
  20. Buxom

    Self employed maternity leave struggle

    Hello everyone, I am 6mos pregnant with my first baby as a renter in a salon 15mins away from my home. I am really struggling with how much time I will need to take off and leaving my clients for an extended period of time. I have anxiety over going back too soon while feeling vulnerable...