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  1. PrincessKiki

    Removal of acrylic - how to please!

    Hi Geeks, I hope you can help me! I have been asked by a friend if I will remove her acrylics then shellac or gelish. I have only trained in natural nails so would really appreciate if someone could give me a step by step on how to remove. I know that she should really be going to get them...
  2. PrincessKiki

    Ombré nails

    Hey Geeks, I have been practising ombré nails - pic attached. Just wondering if anyone gets any request for these? And if it is possible to do this technique using Shellac or Gelish? I did the ones below using standard nail polish with white underneath using a sponge - is this the best way...
  3. PrincessKiki

    First pedicure!

    Hiya Geeks, Just had to share that I have just done my first pedicure! Granted it was on my Mum - but still I'm very pleased! Kiki xx
  4. PrincessKiki

    Orly at Topshop

    Thought you guys migth find this interesting.....don't think it's already been mentioned (sorry if it has!) Orly neon nails hit Topshop - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK :p
  5. PrincessKiki

    Orly at Topshop

  6. PrincessKiki

    The Beauty Academy Leeds

    Hi Geeks, I have just joined SG as I am about to start training. I have enrolled with The Beauty Academy Leeds to do a 2day course in natural nails. This includes 1day doing Mani & Pedi and 1day doing 'Celebrity nails' which I believe is Minx, Trendy and Shellac. Has anyone trained with The...