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  1. Tanning_Beauty

    A July return!

    Apparently another announcement coming today regarding salons
  2. Tanning_Beauty

    Self employed in salon and taking deposits

    Why not just tell your tenants clients to leave cash deposits? You can leave it in envelope for them to sort, or they can just leave their card machine of salon in they don’t have cash. Can’t think how you would do it over phone though.
  3. Tanning_Beauty

    Dermaplane insurance

    Mine was an extra £70 in East London
  4. Tanning_Beauty

    Online anatomy and infections refresher course

    There is an online deal on Wowcher at the minute, think it’s about £10. Seems quite thorough
  5. Tanning_Beauty

    Facial brands?

    Brilliant thanks a lot. Does the price I’m paying seem ok ?
  6. Tanning_Beauty

    Facial brands?

    Wow, are you getting that ? It’s only £21.95 on ‘just my look ‘ ,
  7. Tanning_Beauty

    Facial brands?

    Anyone ?
  8. Tanning_Beauty

    Facial brands?

    Can I ask what you’re reselling these for in the salon ? I got mine for £xx wholesale, just not sure what to charge clients . (trade prices removed as per forum rules.)
  9. Tanning_Beauty

    Need business advice!

    I own a salon and agree with you. Everyone says renters work for themselves until it’s times like this.
  10. Tanning_Beauty

    Best facial machines

    Interested in this
  11. Tanning_Beauty

    Chair renters work hours

    I have a law degree so no.
  12. Tanning_Beauty

    Chair renters work hours

    How can my contract be used against me when it explicitly says what I will agree with and it’s signed by renters? They have willingly entered into the contract.
  13. Tanning_Beauty

    Chair renters work hours

    My renters have separate till, their own card machine. There is no way they could be looked at as an employee. My contracts have my expectations in there. If renter doesn’t agree then the contract wouldn’t be signed by them or me. Never had a problem.
  14. Tanning_Beauty

    Chair renters work hours

    I own a salon and I’m quite strict with my renters. I tell them in advance what I expect ( work my hours, no groupon etc) they then have the choice to accept or not. It’s YOUR name above the door and regardless of her rights the buck ultimately stops with you x
  15. Tanning_Beauty

    Coronavirus and renting chair

    Do you pay rent for 52 weeks for example if you go away ?
  16. Tanning_Beauty

    Beauty licence for nails only

    It absolutely is true. I’ve been to many nail salons and never ever filled in a card. Yet I have to comply.
  17. Tanning_Beauty

    Out of hour charges

    I messaged someone from my own phone by accident and they text me at 5.03 am asking to book in for dermaplaining [emoji58]
  18. Tanning_Beauty

    Gentle chemical peel

  19. Tanning_Beauty

    Gentle chemical peel

    Hi is it the mandarin one you use ? I’ve been looking at that
  20. Tanning_Beauty


    Yep you can do that. I open 2 slots a day with them. It costs £18 per month to do that. They buy the top spots on google so very hard to come high on a search without them