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  1. Tanning_Beauty

    Lash brand recommendations?

    Hi , we are now going to offer lash extensions. When my beautician did the course they told her to buy lashes online. Can anyone recommend a good lash brand xx
  2. Tanning_Beauty

    Facial route advice

    Hi, need a bit of information as to which route to take, I do dermaplaning in my place and people love it. What would you suggest I do next ? Microneedling? Hydro facials etc. Also with the LED light , do you think you need to do a course ? It seems really simple Thanks xx
  3. Tanning_Beauty

    Distilled water

    Hi everyone, could you tell me where you get your distilled water for your steamers from ? Seems really expensive on Amazon. Thank you x
  4. Tanning_Beauty

    Weekend spray tans

    Morning, I’m looking for a solution that only has 2-3 days coverage. Lots of my clients have been asking. I sprayed myself with OMG solution which seems to be ok. Is there anything else ? Can’t find stockist for fake bake beyond bronze. Thanks x
  5. Tanning_Beauty

    Wax runny

    Hi everyone, need help with wax. I’m using salon services lavender Creme wax with hive heater. Wax is so runny it’s going everywhere. I’m new to waxing and making a mess [emoji24] I have it on 67. What should consistency be ? Thanks x
  6. Tanning_Beauty

    High end solutions?

    Hi , can anyone recommend a high end spray tan solution? I use crazy angel and very happy with it. Charge £20/25 would just like to offer a more ‘ luxurious’ brand. Thanks x
  7. Tanning_Beauty

    Bikini wax

    Dumb question alert [emoji599] when you do a regular bikini wax and they want a bit off the top, how do you get a neat line ? I’m struggling with this. Thanks x
  8. Tanning_Beauty


    Hi everyone, the hose part of my tanning machine ( not part that’s attached to gun ) keeps blowing out when I’m using it. Tied it in really tight still doing it ! Has this happened to anyone else ? Thanks x
  9. Tanning_Beauty

    Too long to heat up?

    Hi need a bit of advice. I have the kim lawless waxes ( strip and hot ) also have the hive heaters. It seems to take an age to heat up. I come in and out it on highest setting , them bring down to recommend setting. Two hours later it’s still not right ! Help x
  10. Tanning_Beauty

    Amount of start up polishes?

    Hi everyone, I’m employing a nail tech at the shop so have to buy products as my lady lady was self employed. New girl will be doing manicure and gels. No acrylics etc. What amount of polishes should I start with ? 15/20 ? Thank you
  11. Tanning_Beauty

    Beautician required, East London

    Hi we are after an experienced and qualified beautician to join our busy tanning salon in East London. Good rates of pay for the right person. Thank you x
  12. Tanning_Beauty

    Room to rent, Hackney

    I have a room to rent in my busy tanning salon in Hackney. Room is available on a Thursday and Friday. Good rental rates.
  13. Tanning_Beauty

    Botox Fillers

    Hi does anyone know if a phlebotomist can train to give fillers / Botox in the UK ? Conflicting advice online. Thank you
  14. Tanning_Beauty

    Chair to rent

    Chair to rent in award nominated beauty salon in Hackney. Could be used for make up artist or hair extensions. Good rates either daily or weekly.
  15. Tanning_Beauty

    Room rental

    Hi, I own a salon and rent a room to beautician 3 days per week. I have a massage girl starting soon to do one day a week. Massage girl does lashes which my beautician also does, this is only treatment they have in common. My question is, should they match their prices ? Keep their own ? If...
  16. Tanning_Beauty


    Hi could anyone recommend a daily cleansing , moisturiser range for my 16 year old? Her skin is dry/ sensitive. Very rarely get spots. Thank you x
  17. Tanning_Beauty

    Teenagers-cleansing range recommendations?

    Hi, could someone recommend a cleansing range for my daughter please ? She is nearly 16, has quite dry skin and rarely gets any type of spots unless she has a reaction to something. ( sensitive skin ) Just a cleansing and moisturising cream please. Thank you x
  18. Tanning_Beauty

    Beauty room to rent, Hackney London

    Lovely treatment room to let in busy salon in Hackney. Must be motivated and able to bring own clientele who can join our existing list. Price will include all bills. Thanks
  19. Tanning_Beauty

    Self employed beautician required, East London

    Hi all, I need a part time beautician for my salon in East London. Must be motivated and hopefully with an existing client base. Thanks x
  20. Tanning_Beauty

    Dry blow dry

    Hi, I would like to offer blow drys in my tanning salon ( no cuts or colour) I don't have facilities as yet to wash hair. Is there such a thing as a dry blow dry ? Or am I making it up [emoji52] thank you