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    Gelish Whose Cider are you on?

    Hi has anybody had problems with Gelish Whose Cider are you on I went to use it yesterday only used it once before and it looks like it has cured in the bottle I store it in the Gelish rack with the guard in front of the hole on the front so no light has got to it wondering if its the heat...
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    Vinylux top coat

    Hi Anybody no what to do when the Vinylux top coat goes thick in the bottle. I seem to get 1/2 way down and it thickens up almosts cures having to start a fresh bottle which is not good
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    Bio Sculpture technicians, problem with gels being investigated

    Hi Bio Sculpture tecs if you are interested and have had problems with lifting gels / problem gels Tina Stimpson on Facebook at Bio Sculpture Design Workshops page has been asked by Bio to send batch numbers colours of problem gels see her post below thanks Lunula Nail Spa Bio Sculpture Design...
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    Bio Sculpture group

    Does any of the Bio Sculpture Group know if anyone has set up another group elsewhere or are discussions still on here ?
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    Vinylux gone thick

    Hi I have a couple of colours 157 and 109 gone very thick does anyone know if you can use a polish dilute to thin it or will that effect it ? I have also posted this on the Vinylux group :)
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    French with Vinylux

    Hi has anyone done French with Vinylux as there is no base coat do you just apply the cream puff on free edge then just go over with the top coat or do you use a base colour ie negligee or something similar :confused:
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    10g Bio Sculpture Gels

    Hi Everyone I have just finished my training and want to order some more products is it worth investing in the 10g pots of Clear gel Flexi etc ? I shall only order the 4g of colours for now but feel the bigger pots in the others would be worth it. I read on one of the threads here about...
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    Bio Sculpture Course Leicester 22/8/11

    Hi just wondered if anyone was going on this course on Monday /Tuesday next week. Looking forward to it but still a bit nervous having not done anything like this before. Any last minute tips would be appreciated x :D
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    Help Bio Sculpture Course

    Help just signed myself up for the Bio Sculpture course this month as a new profession I am 57 absolutely terrified:Scared: any good tips before I start out. They have sent me the Starter Kit but also a letter saying what I need to take with me which includes extra Gel Brushes not included in...