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  1. newbeauty82

    Salon experience?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, sorry if not but i'm desperate for someone to give me some advice. I qualified as a beauty therapist at Level 2 in 2012 and have since done a Level 3 course in Swedish massage as I was told by my tutor it would give me the...
  2. newbeauty82

    Top coats for acrylics?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good non-UV topcoat to go over acrylics please? I use seche vite for natural nails, nailart, regular polish etc. Can this be used over acrylics? I've read alot of great stuff about Lumos too, can anyone recommend this for use over acrylics? Thank you :) xx
  3. newbeauty82

    Greenie or not?

    Hello all :D As title says is this a Greenie or not? Sorry if this has been covered before, but as i'm new i'm not sure how to go about it. I did my sisters nails bout a week ago with regular polish and when she removed it last night she found this. I explained what it maybe and how it happened...
  4. newbeauty82

    Nail prep products

    Hi everyone :) Quick question, obviously when doing a client's nails,whether they're acrylic,Gel, Gel polish etc, the whole system must be used but if i'm just practicing on myself or my flexi finger, is it safe to use other products together? For example, i,m going to use young nails gel...
  5. newbeauty82

    TNBL Website?

    Hi all,just came across this website, called the nail and beauty link. Anyone heard of it/used it before? They dont ask for proof of qualifications so was wondering if products are genuine? Thanx Sent from my GT-S5830i using SalonGeek mobile app
  6. newbeauty82

    Setting up

    Hello all, I've got my gel polish course this week,followed by gel extensions and acrylics soon after. I am going to be practicing loads so need to set up a nail desk in my spare room with my nail trainer and lamp etc. Is it necessary to have an extractor fan whilst just practicing or is it ok...
  7. newbeauty82

    Salon experience?

    Hi everyone Not sure if this is the right place to post this(apologies if not!) I qualified in level 2 beauty therapy last June and im just about to finish level 3 Swedish massage in a fee wks,im doing a gel polish course in a wk and enhancements later this year,phew!lol. Anyway thing is i...
  8. newbeauty82

    Nubar cuticle oil

    Hi everyone, i have a client that has quite damaged nails due to biting them for years,after 6 months of manicures with me,we have good progress. I recommended solar oil to use daily to encourage healing and growth but she finds this quite expensive at the moment so would the nubar oil b a good...
  9. newbeauty82

    IBD gel polish

    Hi all Im considering a course in gel polish with my local college and have found out they will be using IBD products. Was wondering if anyone could tell me whether it is a good brand to train with? Anyone had any problems? Thanx in advance x Sent from my GT-S5830i using SalonGeek mobile app
  10. newbeauty82

    Uploading photos?

  11. newbeauty82

    Distance learning courses?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice:( I'm a qualified beauty therapist(sine June last year)and i'm considering setting up a home salon in a small room I have. I covered mani and pedi during my VTCT training but I would absolutely love to add nail enhancements and gel...
  12. newbeauty82

    Home Learning?

    Hi everyone,im new to this wonderful site and just wondered if there is anyone out there that has ever done a home learning course with Home Learn UK? If so how did you find it and is it as great as the website describes? Any help would b much appreciated. TIA :) Xx