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  1. Carlz

    Beauty room wanted

    Looking for a room to rent for my beauty business in Pontypool/cwmbran area.
  2. Carlz


    Any Geeks have any top tips for retailing, to help us boost our commission for xmas time?:)
  3. Carlz

    Initimate waxing

    Even though I am not trained I have to do Brazillian and Californian waxes in work as my boss has said we cant turn clients away. Bit unfair as I dont really know what I am doing and its not the standards I expect clients should have. My boss wont provide the training so I would like to go on a...
  4. Carlz


    Hi Guys and Girls, I want to do a course in Minx nails, anyone recommend a course for me and how much is it roughly?
  5. Carlz

    Which Licenses

    Hi there, Need some help with homework. I cant find the information on google. Can anyone tell me which licences you need to have in a salon environment?
  6. Carlz

    guinot hydrademie lift

    Hi Guys. Dont know if anyone can help. My boss is training all the girls up on this treatment this week. She said I cant do the training because I havent done my level 3 nvq. I was just wondering if thats true? Only because she has trained me in acrylic and gel nails and I havent done my...
  7. Carlz

    Job Interview

    I have a job interview tomorrow for a spa. I asked the manager if she would like me to bring anything she said no but be aware of your clothes. Not sure what she means. Previous interviews I was told to wear my salon uniform. I am doing a french polish for my test and then a verbal interview...
  8. Carlz

    eyelash remover help!!!

    I did my first set at my training last monday and on the tuesday i finished off my models lashes just by filling in some gaps. Abit of remover went in her eye and although it stung a bit it was okay and now 3days later it is very bloodshot and it looks like an ulcer is appearing. This has put me...
  9. Carlz

    Flirties training

    I am going on the flirties course tomorrow. I have forgotten a few things. If anyone who has been on the course can answer or a trainer that would be great? I will be bringing my model with me in the morning, I am assuming they dont sit in on the theory would there be somewhere they can sit or...
  10. Carlz

    new treatments?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a new treatment to offer to my clients. At the moment im pretty much offering basic beauty treatments and sienna x spray tanning. I was thinking semi perm lashes but I am not sure if many clients will pay it where i am living. Are there any other courses i can do?
  11. Carlz

    Bridal questions

    Hi Guys, After working in salons for many years I have recently gone mobile and having had 3 enquries the last week for bridal makeup which is really good! However I really dont know how much to charge for the makeup for the bride, maids, mother in law etc. I have googled mobile beauty therapist...
  12. Carlz

    websites done to death i know

    how can i get my own website there are so many search results on google i havent a clue., ive got one on vistaprint but want better. I dont want to spend a fortune as its for a mobile business. can someone reccomend any sites to build my own?
  13. Carlz

    Pamper parties

    what games can I have for my pamper parties? And does anyone know any sites that i can buy my prizes and goodie bags in bulk?
  14. Carlz

    Help needed quite quickly pls

    Ive spilt tanning solution on my beige carpet well my landlords beige carpet eeek! What is the best thing to get it off with? Its not that big a mark I used vinegar and warm water to get perm hair colour off last year and it worked on that.
  15. Carlz

    Race for Life

    Hi Guys, I am doing Race for Life soon and was hoping for some sponsers? I am trying to raise at least £100 for Cancer Research. I lost my Grandad to cancer recently and will be doing it in his memory. Any donations greatly appreciated even if it is just £1.00 Race for Life - Carly Regan's...
  16. Carlz

    Wedding Fayres

    Hi Guys, Theres always a number of wedding fayres going on in my town. And I am thinking of exhibiting in one on the 24th. The hotel holds a lot of weddings. The thing is Ive never been to a wedding fayre and dont exactly know what to do. I will be given a table. I was thinking of doing demos...
  17. Carlz

    Wax pot or Roll On

    I am going mobile in January and having abit of a dilemma with whether to take my wax pot or roll on waxmachine. I dont want the waxpot to spill in the car but I would rather use the pot. I was thinking maybe the roll on machine would be more practical. What do all you other mobile therapists use?
  18. Carlz

    Signiture 5 CND course

    Ive been wanting to do this course for years now. I am hoping t do in a few months time. I dont understand the bit about bring models how many do you need? and I think they said you need to do infills on one models hands? Do you need a nail trainer? Any help from those who have done the course...
  19. Carlz

    Insurance for mobile therapists

    Hi Guys, Just a quick one. Trying to find insurance for my mobile beauty and tanning business, thought i'd ask you lot who you have insurance with and are you happy with them before I google. all comments greatly appreciated
  20. Carlz

    Nouvatan Booth

    While enquiring about which spray tanning training to do a lady from Nouvatan told me not to buy any other kits thats not nouvatan because they wont last. Has anyones booths not lasting thats not nouvatan? I am going to be doing sienna x