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    Am I too old to enter the beauty industry?

    Hi, I started my NVQ2 training when I was 43, had a baby half way through, and started my own beauty therapy business last October. Currently trying to finish my NVQ3. I say "Go for it" and don't let anyone put you off. Good luck.
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    Waxing Horror in Training

    Hi there, if you are really not happy with the course I would contact Consumer Direct and tell them exactly what happened. They are very helpful and will be able to tell you whether or not you could claim your money back. You can get their number from the internet. HTH.
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    Eyelash Perming

    Hi, I feel a bit silly asking this question but, has anyone permed eyelashes that came out nearly straight? I have permed a number of lashes and they have all come out beautifully. Last week I did some lashes, followed the procedure to the absolute letter, timed each stage of the process and...
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    Hi there, I think that you might have sent me the wrong e:mail? Amanda

    Hi there, I think that you might have sent me the wrong e:mail? Amanda
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    Best wax system??

    Whole heartedly endorse Perron Rigot waxes - I use Euroblonde too and it is fantatic. The Perron Rigo pre-lotion, oil and after wax gel are all great products too.
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    Is standard of colleges dropping???

    I know of someone who trained at the London Beauty School and she was happy there. Please excuse my geographical ignorance, but I'm not quite sure where Thamesmead is. I can recommend TLT Academy in Hayes, Kent (not far from Bromley). Excellent college. I did my NVQ2 there and am doing my...
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    Waxing phd

    Forgot to say with regard to the heads getting cool, once out of the side pocket they cool down. It can't be avoided. I agree though that the booster chamber is definitely not has hot at the back chamber. I have found that if I do one leg and then the other rather than both together this is...
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    Waxing phd

    I do everything that you say and the heating up the same as Teresa - keeping the heads warm prior to use and using the booster chamber, closing the gate and wiping the head. Perhaps I am not quick enough. The clogging doesn't happen all the time. Perhaps I need to perfect my technique a bit...
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    Need help with Additional Subject!!

    I didn't do CIDESCO so please bear with me, what about the effects of polycystic ovaries and polycystic ovary syndrome on the skin. You could do the reasons as to why PCO and PCOS occurs and the effects on the skin which brings in the beauty element as you may have to treat someone with the...
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    Waxing phd

    Thanks for the tip on the teatree wax, I didn't know that it was thick.
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    Is standard of colleges dropping???

    Thank heaven she can talk to you. Did she go to her GP - she should have this on record? Reading between the lines, I don't think that this girl's tutor likes her and liked her even less after she visited you for a report. If this girl was my daughter I would be taking this further. I am...
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    Waxing phd

    Angelina, I wondered if the heads clogged because they get cool? When they come out of the little "well" they are all nice and warm. The first leg is fine and then when I get to the second leg that is when I experience clogging. I know that with the honey wax you can wax both legs at once...
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    Best wax system??

    I use PhD and really like it - there is a nack to using it though and I would suggest that you are trained by Ellisons, although you can get a DVD of how to use the system on ebay. The system is 100% hygenic which is why I decided on this option. I have a friend who uses the roller system...
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    Turning a Client away?!?!?

    You definitely did the right thing. I would have done the same.
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    Waxing phd

    I also use PhD and really like it for all the reasons mentioned previously (Aquarius). Haven't experienced any of the problems mentioned above. I have noticed a difference between the application of honey wax and creme wax, but haven't tried the tea tree wax yet. I would definitely get...
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    Is standard of colleges dropping???

    I went to two private colleges: First one hygiene was very low down on the agenda (in the six weeks I was with them it wasn't covered), there were no hand outs and the curriculum seemed to be all over the place (college very badly organised) and I don't think that our tutor was a qualified...
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    functions of skin bugging me..

    PS: Meant to say "well done" for listing all the functions.
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    functions of skin bugging me..

    I checked my notes too - no "B" - surely barrier comes under "P" for protection anyway, so you had the answer anyway.
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    What temperature wax pot.

    I have a hive 1000cc and for Euroblond I keep the temperature between 2 and 3 and switch it on about 1.5 hours before I start work. I give it a good stir before using. HTH
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    Waxing - trimming hair

    I was trained at college to use scissors but at Ellisons and also Axiom I was trained to use clippers. I always trim clients where necessary explaining why I am trimming them - they appreciate the explanation particularly if they haven't been waxed before.