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  1. annabelm

    Treatment room storage

    Hi geeks! Does everyone have any recommendations for where to get kitchen style units for treatment rooms? TIA xx
  2. annabelm


    Hi geeks! I'm after some help from those of you that have built your own treatment rooms I'm looking to open my salon this year and I've found a unit I like that would have enough space for 2 treatment rooms, does anyone know what the legal minimum corridor width is? Another...
  3. annabelm


    Hi geeks! I'm just looking for some information on which companies you've used for your websites Which company did you use to buy your domain name and are they good? Did you use the same company to host it? If you built your website yourself which company software did you use? Thanks in...
  4. annabelm

    Cost of service?

    Hi everyone! I am starting to write my business plan and so am looking for some help. I would like to know a rough idea of how much each service costs so I can add this to my business plan. I am currently a mobile nail technician so have contacted my preferred brand for their costs but...
  5. annabelm

    CND question

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, in sure a while ago I read L'Oréal had bought CND or a part of it but I can't find anything about it, Does anyone know where I can find it? TIA x Sent from my Galaxy S4
  6. annabelm

    D:Fi-where to purchase?

    Hi, I've popped over from beauty to ask if anyone knows where I can get D:Fi extreme hold styling hold styling cream from, either warehouses or shops? Thanks in advance x Sent from my Galaxy S4
  7. annabelm

    D:Fi-where to purchase?

  8. annabelm

    NSS removal

    Hi everyone, I have just started offering Gelish Hard Gel. I am a mobile tech and went to do a ladies nails who wanted gel polish applied over her NSS extensions, after talking she has decided that in a few weeks she wants her extensions done by me as she hates going to the NSS nail bar but...
  9. annabelm

    Nail sticker/decals/transfers help!

    Hi all, I recently had a client ask for batman nails so I purchased some nail stickers They are the type where you cut around the shape and then peel away from the backing paper (otherwise they would all come off together) with tweezers and press on to the nail. I applied over Gelish...
  10. annabelm

    Nail pearls

    Hi everyone! How do you all apply things to the nails with gel polish? Like pearls or rhinestones etc. When I'm using a few ill set them put them in place in wet top coat and then cure but if your using more like in the pictures how would you do it? TIA Sent from my Galaxy S4
  11. annabelm

    Gelish Hard Gel question

    Hi everyone! Just a quickie, one of my ladies is off on holiday and has just starting having GHG sculpted extensions Will swimming pools affect the longevity of it? Thanks in advance xx Sent from my Galaxy S4
  12. annabelm

    Show us your bridal nails!

    Hi geeks! Thought it might be a nice ideal to have a thread especially for bridal nails! I'm trying to find some inspiration for a bridal colour wheel and thought it might help others too!! Thanks in advance!
  13. annabelm

    First try with Brisa Lite Sculpting, critique welcome

    First try with Brisa Lite Sculpting gel (on myself) criticism welcome 😊
  14. annabelm

    Couple of questions about Gelish

    I have used Gelish before and been reading up on tips on here and I was wondering, can you apply extensions with Gelish like you can with Calgel? Also I have a problem with the french Gelish: when I put the white on (before the pink) the white tends to run down the nail, I tend to get a clean...