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  1. annabelm

    Nail salon booking apps

    I'd totally recommend Timely! Its got a flat monthly fee, loads of features! Text and email reminders, rebooking reminders, marketing etc, consult forms! xx
  2. annabelm

    Schedul vs Treatwell?

    Have you looked at Timely? I've been using them for 5 years and wouldnt use anything else now!
  3. annabelm

    Client records

    I also use Consult alongside Timely so it syncs all the info together makes it so much easier not having manual update the info in timely. I also use it to record all my treatment settings too!
  4. annabelm

    Paperless client records

    I also use Consult alongside Timely so it syncs all the info together makes it so much easier not having manual update the info in timely
  5. annabelm

    Client record cards

    I also use Consult alongside Timely so it syncs all the info together makes it so much easier not having manual update the info in timely
  6. annabelm

    Salon software?

    Yes you can move up if you whenever you want to! The code is ANNABELFOT, if you need any help or have any more questions just ask :)
  7. annabelm

    Salon software?

    Thats okay! Happy to help So I have the top package innovate, if you want to use the consult part I think you need either of the top 2 packages but they're worth every penny! I use the consult app too but they've just added that you can use consult with Timely itself to build forms etc which...
  8. annabelm

    Salon software?

    I second Timely! I've been using it for 5 years and wouldn't change, great features so its such good value for money!
  9. annabelm

    Dermal stamp

    It doesnt cause any long term damage to the skin and does not cause scarring, by slight piercing the skin causes collagen stimulation, the same as if you cut yourself, creating healing to damaged skin (whether by scarring, lines or wrinkles) Sent from my Galaxy Tab 3
  10. annabelm

    Alternatives to Dermaquest?

    I used to use Dermaquest in the skin clinic I worked in but when I started my own salon I wanted something a little more affordable for my clients and went with environ. As said before nothing is the same as Dermaquest, in the same way that no brand is like any other they all have their own...
  11. annabelm

    Treatment room storage

    Hi geeks! Does everyone have any recommendations for where to get kitchen style units for treatment rooms? TIA xx
  12. annabelm

    IBX Restore & Repair?

    Once you've done you're last ibx just carry on with your normal application so buff ph bond etc, Your other question will all depend on an individual bases for your clients, I would get them to come back 2 weeks after their first ibx so you can assess and go from there with them individually...
  13. annabelm

    Garden Muse Shellac collection

    must be the same as Hot Pop Pink and Waterpark then, just showing what can be used alongside the new colours or re-releasing them x
  14. annabelm

    Garden Muse Shellac collection

    Here is the additives collection, says its limited addition xx
  15. annabelm


    Hi geeks! I'm after some help from those of you that have built your own treatment rooms I'm looking to open my salon this year and I've found a unit I like that would have enough space for 2 treatment rooms, does anyone know what the legal minimum corridor width is? Another...
  16. annabelm

    Opaque natural pink Shellac/Gelish?

    id also say satin pyjamas, if you use Gelish as well try chickettes website as she swatches lots of the colours and some CND Shellac too but not many. Being in America too she often swatches ones before theyre out here which is really helpful too xx Harmony Gelish Swatch Gallery – All...
  17. annabelm

    Cost of service?

    Thanks for replying charley, I'm actually looking for the cost of service to the business/therapist so a gel polish service costs £2 (roughly) per treatment. Its so I can work out the profit on each treatment but just looking for a rough idea of each treatment from people that have already...
  18. annabelm

    Cost of service?

    Anyone? X Sent from my Galaxy S4
  19. annabelm


    Hi geeks! I'm just looking for some information on which companies you've used for your websites Which company did you use to buy your domain name and are they good? Did you use the same company to host it? If you built your website yourself which company software did you use? Thanks in...
  20. annabelm

    Cost of service?

    Hi everyone! I am starting to write my business plan and so am looking for some help. I would like to know a rough idea of how much each service costs so I can add this to my business plan. I am currently a mobile nail technician so have contacted my preferred brand for their costs but...