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  1. lisa pink

    Best colour for shine

    Hi geeks I’ve been using Sallys or capitals own brand hair colour I’m not that impressed.the colour seems to fade too quickly and not shiny at all. Anyone else found this and found a tint with lots of shine .i use permanent browns by the way .
  2. lisa pink

    Dark hair fading too quickly and no shine help

    Hi I have a client with approximately 50% grey about base 5/6 that has a colour every 6 weeks. In the summer it’s terrible for fading to golden brown and never looks shiny . If I use an ash will it be too flat any colour suggestions for shine and knocking out the warmth ?? Thank you in advance
  3. lisa pink

    Best tape hair extensions remover

    Hi geeks I'm having a mare removing tape extensions can anyone recommend a good quick remover please x
  4. lisa pink

    Dip and buff-any good or just a fad?

    Hi geeks I'm seeing on social media this dip and buff that was demonstrated at the beauty show, unfortunately I was unable to go this time. What are your thoughts ? Wondering about its strength?
  5. lisa pink

    In need of a face powder equivalent to Mac

    Hi geeks I have an expensive daughter of 17 she loves Mac defining powder which I usually get her for birthdays or Xmas as its £25 , she also uses Mac sculpt foundation, I know they're luvly but I'm looking for a less expensive foundation for now can anyone recommend one ? Xx
  6. lisa pink

    Can a mobile therapist succeed without offering nails?

    Hi all I'm thinking of going mobile I'm a qualified therapist and currently do nails too, my area is flooded with nails techs and also I have an allergy to gel polish acrylic ect use gloves but fed up with constantly having sore hands. Can you run a successful mobile buisness doing other...
  7. lisa pink

    Brow extensions, how popular are they?

    Hi geeks I'm thinking of doing a course on brow extensions wondering how popular this would be and how much people charge ? Any advice would be brill
  8. lisa pink

    Nail Gaga dust collector reviews

    Hi I'm after a new dust collector seen the nail ga ga 3 fan one which I would think it would be better then the one fan desk top one , has anyone used one of these ? X
  9. lisa pink

    Curly cluster lashes-do these exist?

    Hi geeks I'm after curly cluster lashes is there such a thing ? Can you curl them yourself ? I find they all quite straight be great if I can find them [emoji177]
  10. lisa pink

    Chair Ideas for small area brows and pedicures

    Hi geeks I'm about to rent a small area in a hair salon doing nails pedicures brows and lashes, in need of a chair that can sit upright for pedi and then recline for brows ect, can't take up too much room, if anyone has any pics or ideas I'd be very greatful xx
  11. lisa pink

    Flare lash with a good C curve?

    Hi I'm doing flare lashes now and finding clients sometime ask if I can get more curve on them, they all seem slightly curved. Is there such a thing ? Any advice would be great [emoji177]
  12. lisa pink

    Matrix colour help for balyage

    Hi I'm looking to do a beige blonde base 7 with blonde ends as a balyage I'm finding a lot of matrix colours come up to warm , any ideas what I can use to get a nice beige blonde ? My client has couple of inches base 8 with bleach blonde mid length and ends any help would be great x
  13. lisa pink

    Fast setting nail adhesive?

    Hi geeks wondering which nail glue you all use for tips ? I'm finding some don't set very quick , are there any fast setting ones you can recommend? X
  14. lisa pink

    Balyage help on bleach blonde hair

    Hi geeks I have a client with bleach blonde hair that would like it turned in to balyage the top being not too dark any advice in what I could use ? She's about a base 6 would a semi be better to use ?
  15. lisa pink

    Best products to retail?

    Hi all I'm thinking of doing more retail only do solar oil and vinylux at mo, what else do you all sell that's popular? X
  16. lisa pink

    Small salon pedicure set up ideas

    Hi geeks I'm renting a small space in a hair salon in a back room excited to have my little space, wondering what to do pedicures on that would be comfy for clients, can't afford a big pedi spa station what could I use ? I'm doing mainly gel polish pedis . I have got one of these but find the...
  17. lisa pink

    Best micro loop extensions

    Hi what micro loop extensions does everyone use the ones I have tried all seem so thin x
  18. lisa pink

    Sallys salon services furniture rental advert

    Hi geeks I'm after a new nail desk and lash chair seen an advert for pay weekly rental from Sally's salon services, has anyone done this ? Seems like a good idea x
  19. lisa pink

    Micro loop extensions doing it mobile newbie

    Hi geeks I've been a hairdresser for many years still enjoy working part time in a salon but thinking of doing a micro loop course and going mobile, have so many questions [emoji120] do you mobile ladies find you have plenty of clients ? Do you think it's a good thing to train in ? When the...
  20. lisa pink

    Tigi Bedhead shampoo/conditioner to stock advice

    Hi geeks our salon has just moved over to bedhead products we love them the smell and names are luved by our clients[emoji177] we now need shampoo and conditioner so which should we get to start? We want colour protect , volume , sleek , medicated any advice would be brill [emoji177][emoji177]