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    Tape hair extensions

    Hi all. In august i trained in gair extensions to do nano. Micro. Shrinkies. Fusion. I have done one set of nano so far. Not perfect but loved it and so did the client. My question is i am doing an online training course in tape extensions and wanting to order training hair. Im confused with...
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    Business names

    hiya. So ive recently been made redundant thanks to covid and its forced my hand to go into my hobby and set up as a biz from my home summerhouse. All converted except for running water as its at the back of the garden (1/2 acre). I used to ony do nails. Im now trained in lash extensions. Lash...
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    Starting again

    Hi everyone. I qualified in bio sculpture years ago but stopped doing them due to too much competition in area and married to the army it was difficult to keep consistent clients. I have recently lost my husband to cancer and have been signed off work. A job I loved in travel industry however my...
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    Hair extensionist in Ipswich area

    Hi girls I currently have microring hair extensions 18" and my mobile girl who does them has recently found out she is pregnant and has advised me she wont be able to do them much longer. I really dont want them taken out as my hair is not thick or the right length yet. Are there any local girls...
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    Micro Ring Extensions Repositioning Problems

    Hi Ive got microring hair extensions and absolutely love them, but I had them repositioned on Monday and have since then lost 11, they are coming out when i brush my hair now im too scared to straighten my hair. She said when she did them that a couple had gone weak under the ring as i blowdried...
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    Hair Extension Products

    Hi all. Ive recently had microring hair extensions and was wondering if anyone can suggest some products to use for styling. I normally use bed head so not to use this is quite hard for me. Any suggestions would be helpful, Thank you all x
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    Hair extensions

    Hiya Im really looking at getting hair extensions done and have tried on the model forum but sadly you all seem so far away. Is there a hair extenionist looking for a model or any recommendations for the ipswich area? Im willing to pay for the hair or doing a swap in services. Is there anyone...
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    Uv Lamp Advice

    Hi girls. Ok, so my boss has just bought a new uv lamp 36w after the last one fizzled, cracked and exploded basically - anywho she got a new one first time used yesterday but noticed that when did 1st layer clear with bio it came out the lamp bobbily and lumpy.. This has never happened before...
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    Nail Biters Help Please

    HI Can I get advice please, this is a subject I hate the good old nail biters. I had a fairly old lady come to me in the salon on saturday to ask if I could do a set of extensions on her, she had just seen her mates that I had done that morning. Well to put it blunt her fingernails were...
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    What to do next?

    HI Bit of advice please, im a mobile/home based nail tech and have been for 5years now due to my kids its hard to get a job with littleones. Anyway, i currently offer Biosculpture, NSI acrylics or NSI Gel. Im looking at furthering my services but what to do? I would like (eventually one day )...
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    Mobile hair extenionist - Ipswich

    HI Can anyone advise of a good mobile hair extenionist in the ipswich area please? I move there in 3weeks time and am looking at getting them done, had once before but was not advised of how to look after them so really want someone trust worthy and not overpriced. I have been quoted £200 for...
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    Nail tips

    Hi all nail pros Ive been using nail tips with full wells ever since trained which was 5yrs ago, which are the tips that you do not need to blend i would like to try them out. Many thanks
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    Hair Extensions - good or bad and which ones.

    Hiya Im a nail geek and have had balmain hair extensions before but they were done by a complete newbie and i was their guinea pig so to speak. Ive always had fine hair but think it made it slightly finer with the way they were taken out. Rushed. I currently use clipins but find them a real...
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    Cuccio Pronto Soak Off Gel

    HI I was just wondering if anyone has tried this product and what they think. Im currently using biosculpture but finding it hard to keep up with the new colours and the cost of it all. I love bio dont get me wrong but due to the fact i have moved to a new area and moving again in 5weeks i...
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    Clients Allergic - Advice Please ASAP NSI

    HI I wonder if anyone can help out there, I did a set of Gel extensions yesterday on a client with NSI Builder Blush with natural tips. She did advise that about 6months ago she had acrylics removed as they caused an allergic reaction but she had had gel prior to the acrylics (both OPI). The...
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    Lash extension training - somerset

    Hi Is there anyone out there who can tell me where to get lash extension training either in somerset or nearby. I live outskirts of yeovil. Finding it everywhere is a mega drive away... Really want to add this as at the mo just a nail tech. I would like to expand. Anyone you can help please let...
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    Clip in hair extensions

    Hi all Im a nail geek so random questions here. Im looking at getting clip in extensions, can you tell me do they have to come out every day or can they stay in. I am looking at human hair so i can curl etc. I have had bonded extensions which made it obvious when you do halfup hair do but fine...
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    Clip in hair extensions

    Hi all Im a nail geek so random questions here. Im looking at getting clip in extensions, can you tell me do they have to come out every day or can they stay in. I am looking at human hair so i can curl etc. I have had bonded extensions which made it obvious when you do halfup hair do but fine...
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    Moved & starting afresh - feeling down

    Hi All Ive recently moved (hubby military) thats why i trained in nails to take with me. However, did post a couple weeks back about a job that had to do a trade test for - went rubbish for many reasons. Not my fault i hasten to add. Anyway, due to the fact we live in a village they are...
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    Trade test Views please

    Hi all Would like your advice please, i had an interview with local salon and then asked to do a trade test couple days later but on a system ive never used before. The girl i had to do the nails on was the salons own nail tech i asked her if she would talk me throu the products and she did...