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    Re-testing for eyebrow & lash tints?

    I had no idea about this was happening. Im glad I saw this post. Wont be offering anything with dye for the time being.
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    Mobile waxing, how do you pack?

    Thanks for answering, this list is very helpful! okay so, using the couch is okay ? I just did not want it to sound unprofessional but I personally don't see nothing wrong with it. As for the wax pot should I get a 5lb wax pot ? I have experience with hard wax I've herd for large areas like...
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    Mobile waxing, how do you pack?

    Hello everyone :) I was considering going mobile. I enjoy waxing a lot but have a 6 year old and I wanted to try mobile mainly for the flexibility! My current mobile waxers ... how do you try to pack lightly? how is your set up? do you use a message bed? I saw a youtube video where the girl...