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    Different Konad polishes

    Ive been looking at some konad polishes and they seem to do two does any body know the differences between them Sent from my LG-E610 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    No hand massage

    Hi i cant find a thread on this but would i need to get a seperate massage qual i have been trained in swedish and aromtherapy suzanne x Sent from my LG-E610 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Body wraps

    Not sure if theres already a thread on this a had a call about a product range which do body wraps ive done body massage and body electrics would i need a seperate qualifactions for body wraps i remember at college we had a company come in showed us some facials and body wraps which we got a...
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    Pro wax 100

    Just bought a second wax pot wondering if anybody has bought a pro wax 100 and how long it takes to warm up its been switch on for half an hr and doesnt seem to be getting warm yet its on full power and the light is on so i know theres power to it im sure my other doesnt take this long Sent...
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    Strip sugar wax

    I just wanted to comfirm that you use strip sugar wax the same as cream wax, i bought some from my local sallys a customer had said she had sugaring done before so i thought id try some but only found strip sugar, i later bought sugar online which i need to practice as i suck at it so i thought...