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    Gelish acrylic dip system

    Hi...does anyone know much about this?
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    Gelish peeling

    Hi... I am finding on some ladies the gelish is peeling from cuticle? I prep and remove cuticle on nail plate. Asvise please
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    Orly Gel FX for stamping?

    can you use orly gel fx for stamping
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    Nail stamping

    Hi... what polishes do you use fir nail stamping?
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    Bio Sculpture Oxy Gel

    Hi all Bio Sculpture is advertising their new gel polish as a product that lets the nail breath... um Have I misunderstood this? nail breath?
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    hi all. I am newish with LCN. I gave been using one component but need to buy more product. should I stay with one component or try a different LCN resin?
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    Orly Gel FX?

    Hi everyone I have started using orly gel fx but have found the one colour - its not me its you, is giving me problems. It fades! And it pulls away at free edge no matter what I do. Any advice? Also can a sensational pro 3060 led lamp cure orly gel fx?
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    Shellac/Gelish vs Bio Sculpture or Pronto gel

    I am very confused. what is the diffrence besides a bottle between a product like shellac or gelish and a tradional gel like bio or Pronto gel?
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    Nail Art competion

    Hi Peeps, Afew days ago I posted a thread about a nail art competion I was going to order where the theme was Merlin the Magician. Well this morning I just got told that the Merlin category has been cancelled and the new theme is Picaso! The competion is this weekend and I really need...
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    French tips

    Hi all I was watching some Youtube acrylic nail tutiorials and in alot of the tutorials the lady would use a white french tip, BUT then continue in white acrylic powder over the french white tip? I don't understand this, if you are going to use white powder would you not use a natural tip...
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    Merlin the Magican nail art competition

    Hi Geeks, I really need your help. I am going to be entering a nail art comeption where the theme is Merlin the Magican. It will be done on a live model. It has to have 3d in it. I will be airbrushing aswell. My fiance said I should try doing a dragon, which I thought was a good idea, but...
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    Gel and white french tips

    Hi all. How do you apply your french pink gel over french tips? I normally apply clear, cure, pink, cure then after sanitizing I put the french tip on and finish off with the clear layers. The reason for me doing this is so that my white tip stays nice and white and not dulled by the pink...
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    Nail Rock Wraps

    Hi there, I just got some Nail Rock Wraps. I have never tried wraps before so I am very excited. My question is.... The intructins don't say anything about applying top coat? would top coat effect the wrap? Also, can it be applied over gel and acrylic nails? Thank you for your help!
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    Bio Sculpture - Freeform method

    Hi I was looking at bio sculpture website and they make refrence to a freeform method. does any one know what that is?
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    UV lamp

    Hi guys I realised i have a calgel 36 watt lamp packed away for a few years which oviously i need to get new bulbs for. My question is: can you put the whole hand in this lamp including the thumb as it has four bulbs. Or do you still do thumbs seprately? Next question: On my BIO lamp i...
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    LCN vs Acrygel

    Hi peeps I am so confused right now. I have been looking at dong a conversion course to LCN BUT i am not sure now, as it is very pricy. I do have acrygel at home but never really got the hang of it. In your opinion is acrygel similar to LCN Please advise
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    Hi guys, I am in south africa and have decided after all the years of doing nails I would like to look into LCN nails. What do you think of the product? The rep tried to say you dont need a fill every 2 weeks? and and all info well aprreciated.
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    Bio Gel Client

    Hi all, Just over 2 weeks ago I did a ladies nails. She had a clear french overlay. I did explain to her about the fill ect. She told me she knows about it as she has had it done before in Germany from which she is from. While I was on the phone afew minutes ago, she came into my store, which...
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    Mini mani and pedi

    hi all what do you offer for a mini mani and pedi in a hairdressor salon enviroment whilest a client is having a hair treatement? also, a spa mani and pedi I have seen many salons who seem to interprut it diffrently how do you interpret it?
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    l&p problem

    hi all, I have freind who has just traineid in arylic, she put futura tips on her sister and proceeded with white and pink l&p. after 2 days she says her sisters nails looked a bit weird so they soaked off the nails and found the natural nails had almosted "lifted abit" her free edges look like...