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  1. lynn amber

    Insurance for home salon

    Hi, my insurance is up for renewal soon just wondering who every one is with, im home salon I do all hair services and some beauty, im with hiscox at the moment, have 10k on stock and equipment and 2 million for public liability, my quotes from them is coming in just under £300 :-) Sent from my...
  2. lynn amber

    S58 tape hair or other suppliers for tape

    Just a quick question has anyone used studio 58 tape hair, if so hair quality how long does it last and how good is the quality of the tape, and does any one have any good suppliers in the same price range for tape , thanks Sent from my LT30p using SalonGeek mobile app
  3. lynn amber

    LA TAN strange ethics

    Got a text for LA tan yesterday about a promotion also they where asking for experienced tanners to contact them, then seen the same thing on there facebook page, experienced tanners wanted for business opportunity or words to that description, so thought I would find out what it was about sent...
  4. lynn amber

    It Works wraps

    Does anyone on here use or retail it works wraps, im looking into retail theses to my clients, I have tired them on my self and lost 10cm over 3 measurements on my stomach with 4 warps, im just a bit sceptical about how they set you up as a seller with the webpage that you have to have to make...
  5. lynn amber

    Recommendation, facial sun screen

    Can anyone recommend a long lasting high factor facial sun screen, going to Orlando in 2 week, I always use at least 30 on my body and just use the same on my face but would like a facial one ,i also have my brows tattooed so something thats not going to damage them, thanks :-) Sent from my...
  6. lynn amber

    Thinking of taking mani/pedi off my list

    In the last year and a half I have done 1 traditional pedicure and no manicures ,i do mostly hair, then gelish , spray tans and make up, I have to set up my nail table if I do nalis as I don't have space to have it out all the time which I don't mind doing for gelish, the time it takes to set...
  7. lynn amber

    Rewind festival Scotland

    Hi geek's is anyone going to the rewind in Scotland, iv just booked tickets not been before and the last time I was at a festival was t in the park about 15 years ago ,any hints and tip or just if you are going or been, thanks Lynn x Sent from my LT30p using SalonGeek
  8. lynn amber

    Post pregnancy, extension removal rant

    This is a rant so will try and keep it short, Just removed a set of pre bonds ( which I did not fit) on my partners cousin, She had a baby at the beginning of August and asked me to do her first ever set of individual extensions in November I said no that I wouldn't do it until the baby was...
  9. lynn amber

    Fixed an extension mess today

    Well today I had a client who had been to a salon 2 weeks ago to get some Balmain prebonds fitted , The client contacted me on Tuesday night and explained her situation ,she is a qualified therapist and is training to do hair, she bought 150 strands of Balmain hair from capital and was going...
  10. lynn amber

    Shrinkies confused, lined/unlined?

    Can someone with experience using shrinkies give me some info on the differences between lined and unlined,when I trained was not told that there was 2 kinds ,how long do you get out of both kinds thanks :-D Sent from my LT18i using SalonGeek
  11. lynn amber

    Accounts-how many years to keep?

    Just a quick one ,does anyone actualy know how many years of accounts your are suppose to keep ,im in my 7th years of self employed business and have kept everything so far ,have been told different things over the years ,before I call the tax office does anyone know thanks :-D Sent from my...
  12. lynn amber

    Sacked a client today!

    Sacked a potential client today,this person first contacted me in September on Facebook from the start a had a bad feeling about her. She asked if she could have an appointment I said yes please call to book ,she said I will call you tomorrow ,me please don't call tomorrow as it is my sisters...
  13. lynn amber

    Website gone live

    Well I finally got round to doing a website today, had a couple of free hours so I have just gone for the free option with weebly ,its nothing like finish managed to get my prices on need to do pics and some more info but at least its live ,if anyone wants a look it should come up if you but in...
  14. lynn amber

    Taking 2 extra days off

    Just a rant ,im taking 2 extra days off from what a normal take over xmas and new year ,i am very accommodating with my clients ,but if I have decided to take a day off then that is it, but why do I still feel guilty when I have to refuse someone , im off today worked a solid 10 hours...
  15. lynn amber

    Can't get to threads I have commented on

  16. lynn amber

    Lingerie/topless photo shoot

    Hi ladies ,i had a lingerie photo shoot today after some persuasion from the photographer in question and it went great can't wait to see the pics , yes I did go topless for some as the deal was I did and he does it for free to build up his portfolio ,i have only ever had professional pics once...
  17. lynn amber

    Nightmare Foxy removal

    Hi geeks ,had I nightmare removing a set of foxy prebonds 150 strands today I put them in 11 weeks ago and it took me over 3 hours to remove them started with there remover and pliers and it did nothing ended up using surgical spirit , It normally takes me 1 1/2 to 2 hours to do a removal from...
  18. lynn amber

    Airbase, first paying clients done

    Hi geeks did my first 2 paying airbase clients today and im happy to say thay where super happy and have both have airbase before so im chuffed :-D Did the course is September and have just practiced on my mum ,sister and my self .also did the Jayne Airdale a fue weeks ago. Was freaking out...
  19. lynn amber

    Holidays, where are you all going?

    Ok it a miserable day but I have just booked las Vegas for March woohoo , So just want to know where you are all going hopping to go on your next holidays,or any good places to recommend to go :-D Sent from my LT18i using SalonGeek
  20. lynn amber

    Hair Planet gone

    Hi geeks I cant seem to get onto the hair Planet site and sent them a massage last week about the quality of a weft that my friend has in and no reply ,has anyone dealt with them recently :-D Sent from my LT18i using SalonGeek