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    Nailympia London

    I haven't been around for a little while as life has been really hectic for me but HELLO! :) I'm just wondering who else is competing at Nailympia London this year? And what are you entering? Xxx
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    Hi geeks :) Mods, please remove if not allowed. After long deliberation, I have decided to do some more youtube videos... I just need to know what you want to see! Additives, foils, hand painted artwork... Any ideas? Xxx
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    Thank you, Carl!

    This is just a thread to extend my gratitude to Verve (Extensionize on SG) for all his help with our new designs. He's worked mega hard with an incredibly awkward customer (moi) to make us logos, business cards, flyers, leaflets, posters, Facebook covers... All with a smile! I'd be about ready...
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    CND UV lamp buzzing

    Hi geeks! Last night I was applying Shellac to a client and we both noticed a buzzing noise... We worked out that it was my lamp! It doesn't buzz when the bulbs are lit up, and it doesn't buzz when the red lights are on - only when it's switched off and the 3 white lights are showing. It's...
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    Polite notice to clients

    Hi all, Some of you may remember me starting a thread not so long ago about my sign on my door so that clients wouldn't arrive early, interrupting appointments, cleaning and breaks. However... I'm getting all sorts of excuses and they're STILL arriving early. We are a home salon so don't have a...
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    L&P Tech in Lutterworth (Leicestershire)

    Hi geeks, A family friend of ours who lives in Lutterworth is looking for a good L&P tech - gels apparently don't last on her and she can't find anyone except a NSS... Can you help me out? I'm rebalancing her nails tomorrow so you can rest assured they will be a decent set - she just wants...
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    Apron or T-Shirts?

    My mum and I are setting up together :) I'm a nail tech and she's going to specialise in Skincare. We have been discussing uniforms - I don't wear one (never have) but I am always seen in the same getup of black leggings, floaty top and black cardigan. My clients comment on the tops I buy and...
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    What is this product?

    Hi geeks, A client of mine has asked me to do these nails which is fine, very simple, but I can't for the life of me work out what that textured stuff is on the ring finger! It's not sparkly like glitter... Any ideas? Xxx
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    Charging accordingly

    Good morning, geeks :) I'm having a bit of a problem at the moment with my price lists. I've recently been doing a lot of hand painted nail art - it's what people know me for now! My problem is, I'm not charging enough for the time it takes me. I do my designs using CND Shellac with my normal...
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    I am going to be exhausted tomorrow... I was woken up half an hour ago by the loudest thunder I've ever heard in my life and now there's a pyrotechnics show going on right above my house. I hate to admit it but it terrifies me being upstairs and I can only watch the storm for so long before...
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    Will clients follow?

    Hi all! As some of you know, my mum and I are looking at opening up shop together using the middle section of her office building as treatment rooms. Although I'm beauty trained, I'm looking at concentrating on nails only and she wants to specialise in skincare. I've been qualified for 2...
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    I've been busy making!

    I have lots of clients that turn up early whilst I'm still with another client, which means bombing it down 2 flights of stairs to open the door, let them in, then finish my client, let the other client out and then bomb back up the stairs. It's a home salon so I'm basically leaving them alone...
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    Textured Shellac

    Good morning :) I did some "leather jacket nails" yesterday on a client. I was pleased with the result but would love to try some more looks with it! I've done denim and sponged on silvery blue tones over midnight swim which looked fab, but I'd ideally like to create a leather look. To make...
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    Giving up treatments

    Hi geeks! I've finally made a decision... Last year my clients were asking if I did all these other beauty treatments, so I decided to train up and offer waxing, threading, ear candles, make up, lash extensions, tinting and lash lifts/perms. Since February, when I qualified, I have done a...
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    Having a bad week

    Hi everyone. Just need a bit of a whinge really so feel free to ignore! It's my birthday on Sunday and I've taken a few days off... My first real break since I opened my business in 2011. I've been really excited up until last week. My boyfriend told me in January that he was going to take...
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    Hi everyone, I can't find the critique section on my phone so if this needs moving then please do! I've been using NSI Attraction since I qualified in September 2011 and I have decided to become a CND Salon (I love their products and only use NSI L&P and Hard Gel, all CND prep products etc). I...
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    Career change

    Hi all :) My lovely mum is looking for a change in career. She has been a financial adviser for over 25 years and is trying to decide whether she wants to enter the beauty business. I'm just trying to work out what sort of treatments she could offer that she would enjoy. Her business has done...
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    Client doesn't like design

    Hi all! I did a lovely design on a client this morning (she wasn't sure at first but then settled on it) and she left very happy, tipped me £3 too. I just got a phone call from her... "Emily, my nails are beautiful and I love them... But they're just not me! My husband loves them too. I've put...
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    Untidy eyelash extensions

    Hi everyone :) I'm very new to SP EE and have done 10 sets since my training. I'm finally getting the hang of it and a full set is taking me 2-2.5 hours. They look good from my angle neat(ish) and full, but when my clients open their eyes they look untidy and not as filled out :( Is this...
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    Shellac display chart

    Morning! I've been in a bit of a pickle recently trying to work out how to reorganise my Shellac colours now that there is a new collection out. I cracked it this morning by dragging out my spinner rack and putting a few old empty bottles on there so it doesn't look strange with just one bottle...