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    Facial range

    Have a look at Charlie Locks, it isn’t a huge range but British based, lovely people to deal with, no minimum order, not something your clients can buy on the high street.
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    Rose gold gel help!

    Hara Rose Gold from Aston & Fincher
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    Lash training - Farnham/Guildford

    I can't recommend anywhere, but I have been looking at similar training, Flirties have training centres all over, check their website and Facebook page, see if there is something close to you. I was offered Mybrow training in Southampton thru an Ellisons rep a while ago, I didn't do it, but you...
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    Which facial products to use for home salon?

    I realise your post is quite old now, but, I am a home based salon! I use Charlie Locks, Uk produced products, no minimum start up, no pushy sales, very economical. Facials are the smallest part of my business, so it is a perfect fit for me, right now.
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    Deo digital heater advice

    Sorry I only just saw your reply, I don't use the fast heat setting, I put it on about an hr b4 work ( I work from home) and it's always ready when I start work.
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    Has anyone left beauty and pursued a different career?

    I think I spent 10 years every March thinking I need a different career ! Self employed beauty in Jan/Feb is very anxious making, but you cannot beat it for flexibility with a young family. When my children were nursery age I did more anti social hours whilst my husband put the kids to bed. Now...
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    Cuticle oil

    Dadi oil by famous names is allegedly better than Solar oil, which I can't comment on, but is avocado based.
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    Deo digital heater advice

    I use a digital heater with Perron Rigot waxes, so may not be exactly the same. But I set the hot wax at 65 and the strip wax at 71.
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    Which software company?

    I recently moved from salonlite to shedul all free including reports and reminders, the clients much prefer it, really pleased so far, been about a month
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    Desperate advice on peeling, split and weak nails please

    I would try IBX for months, 6 weeks is 3 treatments. Which may show some improvement but they need longer.
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    Which card machines?

    I use Smarttrade app, no set up fee, no monthly costs, u pay a % and 20p per transaction. All done from my phone, u can take payment for vouchers on the phone. If u do enough business you can upgrade and get more services but only when ur trading warrants the expense of a monthly fee.
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    Sweet Squared August daily deals

    Like the sweet squared Facebook page. The offer will show in your news feed
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    Massage cushions

    I use Comfy Client cushions, my clients love them, they are on the couch for massage, waxing everything, it was quite expensive, but I'm really pleased with them.
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    What to do with salon while on maternity?

    When I had my first child I was sharing a room with another therapist, she took on the room by herself. I had a 4 month break and had a salon at home when I went back to work. After my second I took 6 weeks off and lost very few clients. But you are unlikely to want as many clients as u had...
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    Fed up with competing against cheap treatment prices

    No point in being a busy fool. Don't under sell yourself. Do a good job for a proper price and your work will bring them back, word of mouth will bring more. I charge £25 for shellac . There are cheaper out there but they don't have a better choice of colours. Do advertising, marketing...
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    Show us your Shellac French

    I used to have trouble with French not wearing well. I watched Hollie's video without improvement. So, I went on a S2 course. I learnt more about layering and was taught to 'sandwich' the white. I now always do a clearly pink 2nd layer and use a variety of pinks depending on the finish the...
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    Going over to computer bookings? Help!

    I use Salonlite, it's free for the basic system, you just pay for the reminders. You receive an email to tell you when someone has made an online booking, and the reports are easily run. I have a home salon so don't need the stock controls available with the pay package. Salonlite have been good...
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    Callus peel - Starter kit worth it?

    Inspired: Perhaps your feet aren't dry enough to require the Callus Peel Effect ! All my clients with bad cracked heels are blown away by the difference after treatment. But in answer to the original question I would say you don't need to buy the starter kit but you will get a better result if...
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    Trouble finding trade size manual tanning lotions

    Have you got a Aston and Fincher near you? The one in my town has a large range of SiennaX buy as much as you need!