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    Shampoo advice/Function of Beauty

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on shampoo and conditioner to use. I’m a nail tech and the hairdressers I work with aren’t too sure either. I am currently an all over platinum blonde (thinking of going darker soon for autumn and winter) so have been using Olaplex shampoo and conditioner for...
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    Lash lift issue?

    Hi guys, i had a client in a couple of weeks ago for a lash lift, I’ve been doing this treatment for about a year now with no complaints or issues but this girl has just messaged saying she’s had quite a lot of falling in one eye whilst the other is fine. She says that someone has told her I...
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    Acrylic overlay infills?

    Hey guys, just wondering how you all prep for doing an acrylic overlay infil? I was always taught just to buff the colour off but a few girls I work with in my new salon wrap the nails up as if doing a removal but only leave them for about 10mins. I was just curious to see what all of you do...
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    Leaving salon with Clients

    For the past 3 years I have worked in a salon as a self employed nail technician. As things in the salon have deteriorated- loyal staff leaving due to not being happy with how the salon has been run, I have started considering leaving as well. I have a good client base within the salon and...
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    Bridal nails help

    Hey guys, needing some advice on how to achieve this look - French ombré using Shellac. I've done ombré with Shellac before but can't quite get the neat blend that the pictures always show. With these being bridal nails for a co worker I want them to be perfect. Any suggestions would be...
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    Stone marble Shellac?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had managed to do this look with Shellac? I've tried the sharpie marbling in the past but haven't quite mastered it and any tips and tricks would be great!
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    Chrome nails with Shellac?

    Hey guys :) so my chrome nail powder from Daily Charme arrived today and I'm super excited to try it out. Although, after reading through some other chrome nail threads on SG I have to say I'm a bit scared to see what happens as in my salon we pretty much exclusively use shellac with a small...
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    So, I've been doing shellac for about a year and a half and up til just before Christmas I've had great reviews and feedback from clients regarding nails lasting - no chipping or cracking - only regrowth making them come back to have them done again. But since about Christmas time I've had a...
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    Looking for a flat acrylic brush?

    So I'm in need of a new acrylic brush - and after buying a round barreled one from Sally's I've come to the conclusion I definitely prefer the flat barreled one I trained with. Last week I bought a size 10 - again the same size as I trained with - from Salon Direct but when it arrived the brush...
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    Acrylic infill issue

    Hey guys :) so about 6 months ago I done a one day training course through cuccio for acrylics. To begin with I was so nervous but obviously as I do more sets I am gaining confidence and my nails do seem to last - but my problems seem to lie with infills. I've recently done a few clients where...
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    Acrylics on damaged nails

    Hey guys, so tomorrow I've got a client whose a regular in my salon for her hair booked in for a set of acrylics - the only thing is that somehow she has managed to trap both of her pointer fingers in the car door. I quickly saw them and it seems as though the nails have been split in half and...
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    Acrylic nail tidiness

    Hey ladies :) so I recently done my acrylics training and have done a few sets so far. Obviously I know it'll take time to get the hang of them as I have done with shellac and other products but I seem to be struggling slightly with the neatness of the acrylic around the cuticle area, does...
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    Shellac VIP status replacement?

    Hey guys, so the Shellac VIP colours are 2 of my favourites and a lot of my clients love how it adds a bit of shimmer without having to add any loose glitter which some of my older clients think is too much for them. Now I heard the silver for sure has been discontinued but I wasn't sure about...
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    The Centre Open Day

    Has anyone been over to the Edinburgh Fingertips Open Day that's running today and tomorrow along with the Beauty show? I was just wondering if it would actually be worth my time popping in? If there's really any good deals to be had with Shellac or other products.
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    Makeup advice/tips

    Hey guys, so ive got a makeup homer this weekend and I have to admit I'm feeling a bit nervous about it. I used to have tons of confidence in doing makeup since I worked on the no7 counter in boots but since I left there to go work in the salon I haven't done any since another beautician does...
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    Particular Shellac client

    Just had a client in for shellac - she gets it done religiously but this is only her second visit to me. And she pointed out that the tips of her shellac was worn, she said chipped but it was really not that bad. I didn't even notice until she pointed it out and I don't think anyone else would...
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    Twinkle fingers chipping/peeling?

    I had a client in on Wednesday who got twinkle fingers done (I regularly do her shellac) but today she phoned up saying her nails are chipping and peeling? This hasn't happened before so I don't know what has gone wrong? Shes in tomorrow for a repair. Any ideas?
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    Striping tape?

    So, I've recently invested in a few different striping tapes and have successfully used with with polish but using it with shellac or gel polish is a whole other thing! Tried to add a stipe across nails but it wouldn't stick properly on her nails, then on another client I got it to stick then...
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    Gelish removal

    So I had a walk-in client for a gelish removal today, to begin with I thought it was going well. I wrapped the nails up using shellac remover after buffing the top coat off and left for about 5-10 minutes but getting it off was a struggle. Got most of it off then re-wrapped to get the remains...
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    Doing other therapists nails?

    Does anyone else get nervous about doing other beauty therapists nails? So silly I know, but I've got a beauty therapist booked in for shellac pedicure tomorrow morning and I'm unusually nervous about it and I have no clue why! Just thought I'd see if anyone else procrastinates like I do!?