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    What facial products to use in the salon?

    Charlie locks is a lovely brand suits all skin types you just swap the masks to suit Clients always compliment on the smell and feel of the products always assume they are top end and very natural ingredients too x
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    Dermaplaning aftercare

    I always use a collagen Face mask after to calm the skin and then remove any residue with a toner and follow up with an spf moisturiser and a serum if they don’t have oily skin Do you carry out a cleanse and tone before Dermaplaning? Most of my clients have a chemical peel after the Dermaplane
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    Consultation forms minefield

    I was using faces but I’m so confused between disclaimer consultation and client record
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    Consultation forms minefield

    Current cards used
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    Consultation forms minefield

    Hi all, I am looking for advice regarding legal paperwork. when I have a new client who is receiving anything that involves tint I always carry out a test patch. I have consultation forms, I also have client record cards. Is there not a simple way to combine everything. I really feel...
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    Skin peels

    Hi all, just wondering what the best brand of both enzyme and chemical peels you would recommend and where I can purchase them. thanks
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    Work Showcase Lash lift

    Hi all, just set up my mobile beauty business! After waiting months during the pandemic. One of my first lash lift and tints. These were so straight and stubborn to do. Opinions please (don’t be too harsh haha). Sorry forgot the before pic.
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    Aesthetics training

    I have been able to train in this field by completing level 3 beauty. Fully certified and accredited