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    Lash retention, please help!

    I qualified in lash extensions with Ellisons back in March (just over a week before lockdown!!) so I only had maybe 3/4 practices before a huge break. I started lashing again about 6 weeks ago, making it very clear that I am still practising and therefore only charging £10 a set. I'd say I've...
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    E-file prices

    Hi guys, I’m a relatively new nail tech, (gel only, no acrylic) and only really use my e-file for cuticle work as I find hand filing is All I need for the main prep. I bought my e-file from amazon for no more than £25 and honestly I haven’t found an issue with it, there’s very little vibration...
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    Bluesky top coat and base dripping issues

    I’m not sure if this is something anyone else using bluesky topcoat/base has experienced, but every time I use them, it’s as if there’s top coat at the top of the brush(lid end), that ends up dripping on either my hand, my clients hand or my nail table. I have recently purchased fresh bottles so...