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    Colour stripper advice

    I have used Schwarzkopf colour remover to strip black box dye and also on red hair and it works very well. It did not damage the hair but I have to say if you touch the roots (virgin hair) it will lighten it like bleach so don’t get very close to the regrowth.
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    Hair salon lighting

    I have a ring light and it does the same thing but it’s an old one so maybe I need to get a better light bulb for the ring light.
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    Hair salon lighting

    Hi, This is a bit of a different question from most of them out here. I am looking to change the light bulbs in my salon as the ones I have show a cool beige/yellow colour on my clients hair. I don’t really want to change the whole lighting, I would prefer to just buy different light bulbs but...
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    Plum purple hair

    It looked amazing for almost 2 months, than she used a home keratin treatment which turned it all orange. Very strange! Not sure exactly what product she used but she did send me a picture.
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    Plum purple hair

    I think it was a 7
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    Wella equivalent?

    5/0 🙂
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    Plum purple hair

    Hi. This is Wella KP 55/66. I have done a balayage first than 4/0 on the roots (matched her natural colour, she had lots of greys) than applied the 55/66 on the rest of the hair. Hope this helps ❤️
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    Help, I literally can’t find clients!

    Hi! Try Facebook groups in your area and put up an ad. I got quite a few clients this way. ❤️
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    Smokey grey balayage

    Just correcting myself I have stripped it on the very first session ( not stopped)
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    Smokey grey balayage

    Thank you for the reply! I completely forgot to say that I have stopped it on the first session But it didn’t do much, stripped more from the back not much in the front, probably she want apply colour more often on her T section. You have to remember that her natural hair colour is almost black...
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    Light blond highlights to white

    Your hair looks very ashy. If I were you I wouldn’t add anymore ash so no 10/81. You need to get rid of that tone and get a colour correction. There isn’t much you can do at home apart from gradually stripping the toner off with detox shampoo or different products. Hope this helps. ❤️
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    Wella Colour Touch for blonde porous hair

    Colour fresh will not help a lot, will still end up patchy. It will catch well in some places and not much on others. I can also see her tooth are quite dark and yellow. Does she just want a toner?
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    Smokey grey balayage

    Here are the pictures
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    Smokey grey balayage

    Hi, I would like to get some suggestions on hair toners or if anyone can give me some advice. My client has been colouring her hair black for a few years with Box colour. Last year in December she decided she wants a smokey grey balayage. She wants to keep the roots dark so a level 3 ( her...