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    Full cover gel tips

    Hi all, I’ve been doing acrylics for just under 3 years now and I just can’t seem to get the hang of it just wondering if anyone’s tried any full cover gel tips (not missu or magpie as they’re ‘plastic’ plastic) I’ve been looking into apres, Kiara Sky and inks fit tips also sna have tips too...
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    Nail educators for Light Elegance in London?

    Does anyone know any light elegance educators near London?
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    New nail tech, course recommendations

    hi everyone, *lengthy lol grab a cuppa* I’m very passionate about doing nails and would love to be a nail tech, I studied hair and beauty when I was in secondary school but haven’t really done anything since. Now I’m a bit older (21) and know what I want to do as a career I’m interested in...