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    Shampoo advice/Function of Beauty

    Hi guys, looking for some advice on shampoo and conditioner to use. I’m a nail tech and the hairdressers I work with aren’t too sure either. I am currently an all over platinum blonde (thinking of going darker soon for autumn and winter) so have been using Olaplex shampoo and conditioner for...
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    Lash lift issue?

    Hi guys, i had a client in a couple of weeks ago for a lash lift, I’ve been doing this treatment for about a year now with no complaints or issues but this girl has just messaged saying she’s had quite a lot of falling in one eye whilst the other is fine. She says that someone has told her I...
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    Acrylic overlay infills?

    Hey guys, just wondering how you all prep for doing an acrylic overlay infil? I was always taught just to buff the colour off but a few girls I work with in my new salon wrap the nails up as if doing a removal but only leave them for about 10mins. I was just curious to see what all of you do...
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    Leaving salon with Clients

    For the past 3 years I have worked in a salon as a self employed nail technician. As things in the salon have deteriorated- loyal staff leaving due to not being happy with how the salon has been run, I have started considering leaving as well. I have a good client base within the salon and...
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    Bridal nails help

    Aww perfect, thanks for your reply, what type of sponge do you use? I am going to drive myself demented before I get it right I think! Lol x
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    Bridal nails help

    Hey guys, needing some advice on how to achieve this look - French ombré using Shellac. I've done ombré with Shellac before but can't quite get the neat blend that the pictures always show. With these being bridal nails for a co worker I want them to be perfect. Any suggestions would be...
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    Stone marble Shellac?

    Cannot agree more, tried and failed to do this today! Definitely more difficult than it looks!
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    Stone marble Shellac?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had managed to do this look with Shellac? I've tried the sharpie marbling in the past but haven't quite mastered it and any tips and tricks would be great!
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    The new Shellac collection

    For the first time in a while I'm genuinely very excited for the full collection of Shellac, recently it seemed to be just one or two from a new collection I really HAD to have. Cannot wait to try these ones out, and I hope, like others have said, that they are opaque on their own rather than...
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    Chrome nails with Shellac?

    Hey guys :) so my chrome nail powder from Daily Charme arrived today and I'm super excited to try it out. Although, after reading through some other chrome nail threads on SG I have to say I'm a bit scared to see what happens as in my salon we pretty much exclusively use shellac with a small...
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    Is there a Shellac grey a bit lighter than Asphalt?

    Cityscape is a great option, and one of my favourites!! If it's been discontinued I'm genuinely going to cry
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    The ideal set up for performing UV gel polish treatments on toes?

    We have a bed in my salon and whilst I've seen other girls using it for gel toes I never have. Personally the angle of the foot and the lamp just doesn't look comfortable to me so I only ever use the bed for pedicures when the feet are in the heated booties and if they're getting gel then...
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    What base colour should I use?

    I think if I was to use this glitter I would use a silver colour underneath since the smaller flecks of glitter are silver toned too :) HTH!
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    Has anyone had any feedback from emails? I messaged my trainer from fingertips and she has basically said that the new top coat is much thinner and therefor you have to really load it on?! So I've taken to double top coating with the new top coat although I'm glad to say we got a bottle of the...
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    Shellac peeling

    I've been having the exact same problem - I thought it was the new topcoat also since its so much thinner so I started doing 2 thin coats of thE express top coat rather than one thick one which is what I was advised by my CND Trainer when I contacted them. Although this has solved a few clients...
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    Maybe someone should screenshot this thread and send it to them?! I had noticed when I first started using it that it was so much thinner in consistancy than the original top coat but never really thought much about it since ive never had any problems with shellac products before but now I'm...
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    I had thought about that too - so I'm definitely going to be trying the no tool removal method. We've recently just got the tip clip removers and I don't find them as effective as the foil wraps as the acetone seems to evaporate quicker.
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    So glad I'm not the only one who doesn't particularly like the new top coat! Think it definitely must be down to that why clients nails are chipping quicker but what do you do to solve that? If it's nothing I'm doing and the product how do you fix the problem? Feeling very frustrated :/
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    I very much doubt it - I do a lot of shellac so my products are all used regularly and we do orders every few months or so to top up - the only thing that is a bit older is the cuticle away because you use such a small amount at a time so a bottle typically lasts 6 months.
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    Sudden Shellac problems

    I didn't want to change either the first time we tried it in the salon after it was released I found it quite thin and almost yellow toned over some colours - specifically creekside.