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    Shrinkies and mini tube hair extensions?

    just a quick question guys, are these the same? i have googled and had no luck finding the answer! if they are different i would really appreciate if someone could explain the difference :) many thanks in advance!
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    Hair courses?

    Hi all, at the moment i am completing nail and beauty courses but i am interested in going into hair late next year possibly 2014. i would like to know whats about and prices ect to start a saving account. could anyone recomend anywhere? and what they cover, how long the courses are and prices...
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    Tips to get tan off?

    one of my clients can't get her last tan off, the tan has got really horrible and blotchy? she has sat in baby oil for hours and has exfoliated every day for 2 weeks but it's still not coming off? any tips geeks?
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    A little spray tanning help please

    I have been reading lots of previous posts on here and i cant seem to find the answer im looking for? i trained in spray tanning with fake bake but i didnt like it on myself so when i ordered my kit i went for sienna x i have tanned about 10 people and 6 out of 10 say they love the color when...
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    Help please! Client's split nail

    one of my clients has trapped her finger in a door! she has gel extensions on, i have carefully buffed the gel off and most the tip. Her natural nail has split right across and lifts up but still attached to her finger, ouch! What is the best thing to do? I have been taught in silk and...
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    Can't find Shellac course?

    May sound silly but i have spent ages looking for some where close to me that does shellac training courses and i cant seem to find any where? i live in Basingstoke an hour away from Southampton if that helps. if anyone knows of somewhere please help! x
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    Advice needed about gel nails

    Hi All :) I done a gel extension course and we used a buff off gel, i really enjoyed this system so im trying to find a kit to buy. the kits i keep looking at dont seem to state "buff off gel" i have bought the nsi balance uv gel system but im not sure if this is the correct kit? I have emailed...
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    Would like tips on how to achieve nice white tips on french nails

    Hi all, I'm new to this site and also in training to becoming a nail technician. I'm enjoying my courses so far i'm just struggling to achieve a nice white tip on french nails. mine always end up such a mess :( can anyone give me any tips on how they perfected there tips please :D x