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  1. lpq

    Semi-permanent make up course Scotland?

    Can anyone recommend a semi permanent make up course in Scotland? I'm in Edinburgh so as near as possible! I've been googling it for weeks but can only seem to find courses in England. Thanks everyone!
  2. lpq

    Is HD brows Henna!?

    Hi Geeks! I'm really stuck here! I did the HD brows course a long time ago now when it first was introduced and there was no talk of using henna. However a colleague of mine heard that people use henna for the tint in HD brows instead of tint. Is this the correct and new way of doing it and...
  3. lpq

    Best makeup range for new salon?

    Hi geeks! I'm opening a bigger salon and want offer make up. I am partnering up with a hairdresser that services a lot of brides so I want to offer them make up for the big day! I qualified in make up a few years back so one with a training course would be ideal!! Please let me know your...
  4. lpq

    Room for rent in busy salon in Edinburgh

    I own and run a beauty salon in the prestigeous area of silverknowes! I am busy and have a lot of regular clientelle. My clients are looking for new treatments such as massage, facials, make up, botox and fillers and holistic treatments. i currently provide nails, waxing, threading, tinting...
  5. lpq

    OMG spray tan training, Scotland??

    Hi guys! Really interested in training with OMG tanning system. I noticed their new spray tan kit came with free training but only in bolton.. Does anyone know if there is training available in scotland? Cant see anything on the site and thought id ask the geeks before calling the company (in...
  6. lpq

    Which biosculpture number is hot pink!?

    Hey geeks! I've been trying to purchase a hot pink gel from biosculpture for ages but always end up with more coral or Rose pinks. It's really hard to tell. I did have the sticks but no longer. Can anyone tell me a good hot pink? In nail polish there is one by "nails Inc" called "shoreditch" I'd...
  7. lpq

    Underarm wax HELP!

    I should be asleep but I can't sleep from worrying! Today I had in a client for half leg and underarm wax and brows. The client had never had any waxing before. I did her legs first and she had a lot of quite thick dark hair which was removed easily. I then did her underarms. The hair was also...
  8. lpq

    Eyelash emporium lash glue?

    I was about to order some new eyelash extension glue but as always i like to consult the geeks! I was going to try the lash emporium one as a friend had used it but want to know if its any good? If not whats better? Thanks geeks!
  9. lpq

    Man help!

    I feel so pathetic and dont know what to do, i need to type it all out and probably shouldnt do this on the internet but i need advice. its a lot to type so i wont be suprised if no one reads it all! the problem is because ive put all my effort into my career (im about to open my first shop -...
  10. lpq

    Glitter sculpts

    Not done a critique before so just did this today and thought id upload it for something to do! its L+P sculpt, clear acrylic mixed with blue glitter and clear acrylic. client had really naturally long nail beds, ive not extended them.
  11. lpq

    Biosculpture help!!!!!

    Ugh so distressed its annoying me. Ive done biosculpture for years now, ive got a client who just cant keep them on. She called biosculpture when she heard about the product and they reccomended me which usually happens and i always have happy customers but the first time i did them they...
  12. lpq

    Buying Essie nail products in UK?

    Hi all I tried to go through essie website but have never had a reply then i signed up to louella belle as i read they supply essie in a magazine but had no reply..dont really know what to do. dont have much time, for example its 11pm just now! the only time im free to look into these things and...
  13. lpq

    Music license

    Hi all Opening a salon where would I get the music license? I'm aware I have to get one but no idea where and how much it is!! Thanks x Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
  14. lpq

    Beauty guild insurance help?

    Hiya! I have the full beauty Therapist guild insurance but I am now opening a salon does my insurance cover me? I'm not hiring staff but my lease is a full repairing insuring one and don't know if I need more cover? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
  15. lpq

    Spray tan course without getting nekkid!!

    I really want to do a spray tan course have done for years but I'm very self conscious. Without having to share my personal life with strangers I've suffered a few illnesses and don't let anyone see most of my body so it's stopped me doing the course as I'm aware if have to get it done on me...
  16. lpq

    Where to get fimo cutter/knife?

    Hey geeks! I bought a Ton of cute fimo canes but no idea how to cut them thin enough!! I'm sure I've seem fimo cutter knifes somewhere can't figure out where! Any ideas?? Xx Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
  17. lpq

    Any nail bars for rent in edinburgh?

    Hiya! Been doing nails for 5 years, self employed for 7 months now. Was renting a nail bar and had left it to open my own salon but unfortunatly didnt work out. Currently working mobile but would prefer to rent a nail bar. Do you have one available or know of someone? Photos of my work on...
  18. lpq

    What is "boxed nail art"

    Looking at the different catagorys for the scottish nail tech comp and wondered what boxed nail art was? also "top tech newcomers" i have not done a comp before but considering it, what would i have to do for this catagory? Thanks geeks :)
  19. lpq

    Feel so sad please salon owner geeks help!

    I'm probably going to sound like a miserable so and so but cant help it! I'm not actually sure i can post this on here but I'm going to anyway.. sorry. Ive been qualified for 5 years, was employed and working as a nail tech and teaching new staff within the salon, then went on to working...
  20. lpq

    Help!! Wax on clothes!!!

    Oh noooo help help help! I took the lid of my wax pot and chucked it aiming for the bin but missed and it landed on top of a pile of washing including my favourite jumper and Cardigan!!! How on earth do I get it off :-( they did not teach me that haha!! It's kind of saturated the cardigan too...