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    CND Shellac separating on application

    Hi I have been doing nails for several years and only use CND polish and products. I do full pep on everyone and scrub-fresh all Nails before starting to paint. I have a couple of clients though who have an issue. I paint base coat and cure and when it comes out of the machine the coating has...
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    Removable sculpting gel to replace Brisa Lite

    Hi I've just found out CND are archiving Brisa Lite sculpting gel. Can anyone give me a recommendation to replace it. My clients are gutted! I don't use any tips due to an allergy to nail glue so it must be a product that will work with forms alone. Thanks
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    Difficult wax today-tips please

    Hi I had a lady in today for a full leg wax. Her lower legs were ok but from knee upwards (right over her bottom and up her back) she had quite fine, downy but very dark hair and loads of it. It was almost like fur. I found it really difficult to remove it all and used a whole cartridge of...
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    Shrinking Violet Facebook group

    So is anyone else not able to access this or have I been banned???
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    Additives looking patchy - any tips

    Hi I've got quite a few cnd additives but rarely use them as I find that they are always patchy and don't give a consistent even colour if coating the whole nail. I had a client choose one today and I was so disappointed with the finish that I gave her a big discount. Anyone got any tips? Btw...
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    Lashes and allergic reactions

    Hi I've been thinking of doing my lash training for a while and have recently had three sets applied myself. First set fine but second and third sets I came down with extreme hay fever type symptoms after six hours and symptoms lasted about five days! I didn't get any swelling of eyes just...
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    Allergic reaction to lashes - need help!

    Hi I haven't trained in lashes but have had mine done today for holiday tomorrow. I can't breathe, am completely bunged up and coughing, red eyes but not swollen. This happened last infill too but I thought it was just hay fever. Clearly not! I don't have time to go to salon and have them taken...
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    Gelac removal

    Hi I have a new client this week who wants her Gelac removed and then repainted with shellac. Does gelac need the top coat buffing off and then wrapping as normal?? Thanks
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    What glitter would you use for this?

    Hi Have a client that wants these nails in shellac. I'm going to use rubble, gold VIP, steel gaze and maybe studio white. What would you use on the glitter finger? Thanks
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    Don't do Shellac outside!

    Lol ... Well I truly messed up today! Went on a girls weekend to the new forest and my friends asked me to bring my kit so I could do their nails. Beautiful day do thought I'd do it outside sat in the sun. Prepped and then put in base coat - got to 5th nail and my brush suddenly hardened and...
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    T shirt printing / crystals

    Hi I have a nail and beauty business and normally wear a tunic however I hate the nasty cheap polyester they are all made from. I'm thinking of buying some t shirts and having my name and logo put on them. Has anyone else done this? Any examples? Thanks X
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    Shellac Wall Rack

    Can anyone pm me the price of these from s2?
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    NSI Balance Gel and Shellac

    Hello Geeks I recently trained in NSI Balance Gel nails and have my first client booked in on Wednesday - feeling a bit nervous!! If she wants Shellac on a natural nail when would you apply it - after reshape and blocking or after nsi top coat? I think we were told to you do it after reshape...
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    Removing Brisa Lite sculpting

    Hi I tried out my brisa lite sculpting gel this week for the first time and gave myself a full set of nails. However I personally hate wearing extensions (you can't have a good scratch!) so took them off last night. I wrapped them with foil removers saturated in nourishing remover and sat for...
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    Exante Diet or other VLCD

    Anyone doing any of these at the moment? I'm doing exante - started 10 days ago, have lost half a stone. I did lighter life 7 years ago and lost 3 stone in 3 months but after 3 pregnancies had put it all back on and more! Eek! Would love to lose at least 3 stone this time. Finding it quite easy...
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    Alternative to Cool Blue for Brisa Lite?

    Hmmm my post has been moved to the only thread that no one reads - nail critique! Therefore I will ask again - does anyone know of an alternative to cool blue when wanting to flatten the white gel? My white tip was just nasty and bumpy and I couldn't smooth it. I don't have cool blue as...
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    Brisa Lite sculpting first attempt!

    Hi I've trained in gel nail extensions recently but used a different system to brisa. Got my kit out tonight and went through DVD. I used a tip not a form and the blending was ok I think but I struggled with the white gel. I just couldn't get it flat - it was all bumpy and wouldn't settle...
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    Brisa lite sculpting first attempt!

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    Website feedback please

    Hello I've nearly finished my website! I've built it myself so would be grateful if a few of you could have a look and give me some feedback. Be as harsh as you like I've got tough skin! I am still doing some training and will be taking on some more product ranges (facial mainly) in...
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    Mobile facial for terminal client

    Hi One of my friends has just been given 3 weeks to live after discovering she has liver cancer last week. Her oncologist has given ok for her to have any treatments or massage she wants if it helps her relax. I normally work from home but have said I will go to the hospital and if she feels ok...