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  1. Amy7979

    Archie Lloyd hair

    I ordered a 200 grams off light blonde hair from Archie loyd after a couple off washes it turned into straw I emailed them a picture and sent a sample in 2 weeks later they asked for another sample said I did not send enough hair and are now ignoring me . They do not respond to any emails I’ve...
  2. Amy7979

    Honest opinions on these extensions please

    I've just had these extensions fitted in a well known salon full head of Russian extensions cost 700 pound took 5 hours to fit .Im very unhappy with the result as I think it looks thin and I wanted full and chunky .There are hardly any at the front and you can see my own hair and no extensions...
  3. Amy7979

    How many bonds or weight for full head of extensions?

    Hi could any extension professionals out there tell me what I should expect from a full head of extensions please.How many bonds ,thickness or weight please. What's the different between full or 3/4 thank you
  4. Amy7979

    Best extension salon London

    Looking to get Russian hair extensions with mini locks in the London area can anybody recommend anywhere please ?
  5. Amy7979

    Tasha Jacks hair extensions-anybody else had problems with blonde?

    I've recently had 2 sets of blonde extensions from Tasha jacks fitted both blonde .The first set after 3 days and washing looked dreadful matted and dry they where sent back.She said the root point was incorrect and sent me a new set after 3 months these where terrible condition dry split and...
  6. Amy7979

    Tatiana or Vixen and Blush?

    Hello I'm looking to have hair extensions and can't decide between vixen and blush or tatianna .Has anybody used either salon or both and which one do you think is best thanks