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  1. Lipstick Kisses

    South Miami Beach techs

    Hiya, is there anyone based in South Miami Beach that offers soak off hard gel? One of my clients is traveling around America at the moment and needs her nails done, she currently has Gel II Skyscraper Soak Off Hard Gel and gelish and wants similar again if possible, Thanks! X
  2. Lipstick Kisses

    Inflatable tent!

    Hiya, I'm in need of a new inflatable tent but the places that sell the one I currently use (Sunless Solutions- Tan-in-Tent and Amy Childs) have been out of stock for ages and i need it ASAP! Can anyone recommend places to get a decent inflatable ten tent please? Thanks! X
  3. Lipstick Kisses

    Gelish You Glare I Glow

    Hiya, I'm sure I read somewhere that the formula for You Glare I Glow had changed and the colour was now different. Is it very different? Does anyone have a swatch of them to compare or can recommend which colour is similar to the original? My Nan always has You Glare I Glow every time I do her...
  4. Lipstick Kisses

    Eye make up on mature skin

    Hi geeks, just looking for some advice, I've a few mature ladies (mother of the brides/ grooms mostly) for make up recently and I don't feel I'm doing my best work [emoji17] I'm struggling applying eye makeup due to the saggy skin on the lids, I put a colour in one place and they blink and it...
  5. Lipstick Kisses

    Self employed pension

    Hiya, Wondering if you can offer some advice. I need to set myself up a pension but I don't know where to start! How much am I supposed to save? How do I set one up? Who do I contact? I literally have no idea what I'm doing haha. I have been into my local bank branch but they said they cant do...
  6. Lipstick Kisses

    One client's nails not lasting!

    Hiya, wondering if anyone can help as I've done everything I can think of! I have one client who's Gelish nails just will not last the full 2 weeks. Everyone else's are fine but she gets about 10days and then they literally just pop off (I've checked her nails and there is never any damage so...
  7. Lipstick Kisses

    One stroke course, Essex

    Hiya, can anyone recommend a one stroke course in/ near Essex? I'm struggling to find one! Or if not would you say I needed a course or would YouTube videos and practice be enough? I love everyones designs! Any advice would be great ☺️ thanks!
  8. Lipstick Kisses

    Angel Paper MRI

    Hi Geeks! Does anyone know if angel paper/shattered glass is safe to wear on nails during an MRI? Does it contain any metal? My instinct is that its just plastic as its transparent but wanting to check as a client is due an MRI on friday and I wanted to check before I gave her bad advice! Many...
  9. Lipstick Kisses

    Patchy tan, can I respray?

    A client I sprayed yesterday has gone patchy due to using an imperial leather shower gel. It's for her hen so don't want to leave her patchy! Can I spray over it or will it make it worse? What can we do? Thanks xx
  10. Lipstick Kisses

    Coconut oil and spray tans

    Hi geeks, I've recently started using coconut oil on my skin and seen a huge improvement so far so I have been reading up on other benefits to see how else I can use it. A couple of the articles have mentioned the benefits of using it when spray tanning? Sorry if this is a silly question but...
  11. Lipstick Kisses

    How to wash inflatable tan tent?

    Hi guys. Im having a bit of a moment and cant for the life of me remember what settings to wash my tan tent on. I have the Amy Childs inflatable tent (same as Sunless Solutions) and I cant find the instructions anywhere either. Is it 30degrees with detergent? I couldn't remember last time...
  12. Lipstick Kisses

    Can't see pictures!

    Hiya ☺️, not sure if it's just me or if everyone is having this problem but I can't see any pictures! Just tried to go on the 'what nails are you sporting today' thread (I'm on my iPhone) and there are no images, a few have attachments but if I click this it opens a new tab (still Salongeek)...
  13. Lipstick Kisses

    Cracked tan

    Hiya! Hoping someone can suggest something, I tanned a client (suntana extradark) last Tuesday and she texted me yesterday to say it's all cracking on her arms and now her legs! She's says she's not been moisturising so i think that's what's caused it but she's got an event this week so wants...
  14. Lipstick Kisses

    ABT insurance discount

    Hi geeks, I need to renew my insurance and I have chosen ABT. I've heard there is a discount code somewhere but I can't find it =( if anyone has a discount code it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Lipstick Kisses

    How to respond?

    Just got this message from a client! Hiya, my nails were done nearly a month ago and are now in horrific condition now. I've never had braking, peeling, sore nails in my life. I took them off as you said with varnish remover. If I'd have known what a state they would be in for weeks after I...
  16. Lipstick Kisses

    Nail care book for 12 year old?

    Hi geeks can anyone recommend a nail book for an 11/12 yr old preferably focusing on natural nail care and how to properly apply polish. Its my boyfriends sisters birthday soon and she wants to be a nail tech like me. She loves to try different nail art etc but she gets too distracted by the...
  17. Lipstick Kisses

    Gel two?

    Hi all, just a quick one, I had a client earlier who said the previous salon had used a brand she thinks was called Gel 2 (grey bottle?) on her and I could NOT get it off! I wrapped it 3 times and it didn't budge! I resorted to gently buffing it off! I use Gelish but I have removed other brands...
  18. Lipstick Kisses

    Reset lamp timings - CND

    Hi all, I've somehow managed to change my timer settings on my cnd lamp (no idea how!). Can anyone tell me how to change it back? I've somehow managed to change the c option (usually 120 seconds) to 10 seconds. I can put it up to 120 with the + button but it always resets back to 10 when I turn...
  19. Lipstick Kisses

    Blood test - absolutely terrified!

    Hi Geeks, just after some advice and help really. I know I'm being pathetic but I really can't help it, I have to have a blood test this morning and I am terrified. My mum is coming with me and that helps a bit but Im still so scared! I've been having panic attacks over nothing recently anyway...
  20. Lipstick Kisses

    Too oily to wax?

    Any tips on how to do an eyebrow wax on a client with REALLY oily skin? The oil stops most of the hairs from sticking to the wax, I don't want to keep going over so I wax maybe twice over each area then have to tweeze the rest which isn't overly comfortable for the client. I cleanse first then...