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  1. Leanned85

    Client with wide nail, what do I do?

    Hello, i have a set of uv gel nail extensions to do on my friend tonight. Only problem is her thumb is a bit deformed and the nail is really wide. I have tried my biggest tip and it does not cover her nail. Any suggestions??
  2. Leanned85

    Sick! Confidence knocked

    I have only been mobile for a few months now, and most of my clients have been family or friends. I was over the moon last week coz some1 found my number and asked me to do a set of gel extensions. Everything went well and they looked great, until i get a message from her saying after 48hours 2...
  3. Leanned85

    How to remove UV gel

    I did a set of uv gel nails for my aunty before xmas she now wants them off but we have soaked them and the tips come off but the gel will not budge! So now i am thinking is the gel buff off not soak off. I am using the Edge and it does not say if it is buff or soak off ;-/
  4. Leanned85

    Why lint free wipes?

    Daft question :D Why do we have to use lint free wipes???? and are the ones off ebay the same as the shops (the ones you get 1000000 for 99p for) :D
  5. Leanned85

    No clients

    I started my own mobile business last year, posted leaflets, gota website, put it on facebook etc, but i never got any clients. The only people i have done are family and friends really. I then asked a local tanning shop if they would consider doing nails, to my surprise she said yes!! I was...
  6. Leanned85

    Wraps for nails

    Hi, i am wanting to learn and do some of them foil wrap things :eek: I know that there are a lot of different ones, i heard that there are some you can get without having to use heat?? and them are the ones i would prefer. Can anyone help me get started pleeeaaasseeee xxx
  7. Leanned85

    Painting UV gel

    Am i right in thinking that its fine to paint a set of uv gel extensions? and to use acetone free remover to take it off??? x
  8. Leanned85

    Tips and gel polish??

    There is a girl on facebook stating that she will do long lasting gel polish over extensions for £20! Surely this wont work????
  9. Leanned85

    Well less french white tips

    I thought that all french white tips were well less but i have just found some that have a well :confused: they dont get blended, why are some well less and some not? x
  10. Leanned85


    I was taught to start at zone 1, i have just watched a video where he started at zone 3, and for some reason i think it looks easier. Does anyone else start at zone 3? xx
  11. Leanned85

    Lifting gel

    How would i fix a lifting set of uv gel nails???? :Scared:
  12. Leanned85

    Acrylic on a little girl

    I cant believe that someone has just asked me to do acrylics on her 6 year old daughter! I'm right to refuse aint i???
  13. Leanned85

    Runny gel

    Hi i'm having a problem, when i do UV gel nails the gel is running off the finger before i have time to put them in the lamp, so when they have cured they are stuck to the sides of the finger ;-( Am i putting too much on?? or is it crap gel? (The Edge) I filed the gel away from the skin after...
  14. Leanned85

    Well less tips

    What if the client had no free edge?? Am i still able to use well less tips?
  15. Leanned85


    I did a set of acrylics this morning and the natural nail was a strange shape and the free edge kinda went right around the nail, so it was really hard trying to fit the nail into the well properly. Now you can see a bit of the nail through the overlay on the thumbs ;-/ What have i done wrong???
  16. Leanned85

    Gel tip and overlay

    Hi, What do you think is best? Gently buff then dehydrate before applying the gel or dehydrate then buff?
  17. Leanned85

    Lifting gel

    How do you stop uv gel lifting? With l & p i kinda tuck it into the sides but you cant really do that with gel, as i have been reading a tutorial on here and it was saying try not to play to much with the gel and you cant really brush it into the sides (if you know what i mean) Also when i...
  18. Leanned85

    Advice, help and tips please

    Hello, i have only just qualified and currently mobile but today i have been offered a room in a local tanning shop. I am soooo scared and excited :lol: I would like any advice from people who have done this and also the boss needs me to sort out posters stating that they are now doing nails...
  19. Leanned85

    Gelish from ebay

    Hi, i am just wanting to start doing gelish and have been looking on nail harmony, its quite expensive to start out!!! Then i noticed that on ebay somethings are nearly half the price but i am worried incase they are fake or something :confused: Has anyone else bought gelish from ebay?
  20. Leanned85

    Home learn course

    Is anyone a mobile nail tech who qualified by doing a home learn course?? I am trying to get insurance but finding it hard as the ones i have tried said they cant insure anyone who did a home learn :mad: