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    CND Shellac separating on application

    Hi I have been doing nails for several years and only use CND polish and products. I do full pep on everyone and scrub-fresh all Nails before starting to paint. I have a couple of clients though who have an issue. I paint base coat and cure and when it comes out of the machine the coating has...
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    Removable sculpting gel to replace Brisa Lite

    Hi I've just found out CND are archiving Brisa Lite sculpting gel. Can anyone give me a recommendation to replace it. My clients are gutted! I don't use any tips due to an allergy to nail glue so it must be a product that will work with forms alone. Thanks
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    Help! Wax on client's top!

    I've got wax on my dress and its never come out. I tried ironing it off with absorbent paper and washing. I'd offer to pay for a new top for£15 it's not worth arguing over.
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    Refectocil times

    I have to leave it for 8 minutes on one of my clients, she has quite fair and wiry grey hairs.
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    Leg wax - pregnancy?

    I've done some very heavily pregnant ladies and most of them found lying on their sides comfortable and it was quite easy to wax them like this.
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    CND mirror colour?

    There is a new polish out like this but it's not CND. Can't remember name of it now. Will get back to you.
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    Nail dust cold like symptoms

    Hi I'd put money on it not being the dust but the cyanoacrylates in the glue you use to stick on tips. It's also in lash glue. I can't have lashes anymore because 5 hours later I get severe flu symptoms that last a week. I don't do acrylics for this reason either. The cyanoacrylate messes with...
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    SPMU, sink and environmental health advice please

    It's normal to have a hand wash only sink in food businesses (my last trade) but personally not heard of it in beauty though I can also see why it would be same rule. Can you wash the items in a bowl that you use exclusively for tools and keep sink off hand wash? Worth asking. I've always found...
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    Tibby Olivier Hot Rocks

    Would you really buy anything from TO after last few weeks??? If you haven't read up on what's happening you need to join Salon Owners Networking Group on facebook before committing.
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    What is going on with Tibby Olivier?

    Home Media Media Company Update: 23rd February 2015 9.00am As many of our partners, distributors, salon owners and staff will be aware, Tibby Olivier has encountered a significant amount of unprovoked and unwarranted negative online commentary over the last few weeks which has shocked and...
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    What is going on with Tibby Olivier?

    What a load of crap ... Worst PR statement I've ever read. At least she admits that 'wrapture' is plain old pallet wrap that's she's charging 4 times the price for. As for the rest of it pfffft!
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    What is going on with Tibby Olivier?

    I think they might have got lynched if they'd turned up!
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    How bad is overspray?

    Yes - I don't do much spray tanning at all - I have a tent and extractor but everything I wipe in my bathroom is orange!
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    New client a potential nightmare

    I would politely say you are not taking on new clients at the moment. She sounds a pain! Good luck!
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    Difficult wax today-tips please

    Thanks Kim. I'm tempted to use pot and spatula next time so it's a bit thicker. Hope you're recovering ok!
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    Shellac at home removal kit

    Why don't you just buy Remove Tubes from S2? They have everything in them.
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    Difficult wax today-tips please

    I don't normally mind but honestly Ive never seen hair like it. When I had finished, her bottom, which she didn't ask me to do looked like a cute furry pet sat on her! I really like her as a customer and want to help her hence asking for advice as I don't want to dread her appointments, she is...
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    Difficult wax today-tips please

    Thank you all for your help. I'll definitely try some of these next time. I think all fours would have helped with stretch definitely as although slim she had a crease between bottom and leg which was tricky. I use cartridges because I have carpet and worry about dripping wax but do have a pot...
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    Difficult wax today-tips please

    Hi I had a lady in today for a full leg wax. Her lower legs were ok but from knee upwards (right over her bottom and up her back) she had quite fine, downy but very dark hair and loads of it. It was almost like fur. I found it really difficult to remove it all and used a whole cartridge of...
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    Can anyone recommend a nice Shellac French pink?

    I think the range of pinks for Shellac is poor - all too pale/white. The only one I really like is grapefruit sparkle.