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    Question about longeivity of Shellac

    Hi everyone, I just had someone call and ask why her Shellac was lasting 3-4 weeks when she got it done in California, but only lasting 2 when she's back home here (Canada). I honestly had no clue what to say! How would I know what each of her tech's is using? How should I address something...
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    Ad glamourizing domestic violence

    I opened the paper today to see an article on this - an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada salon blatantly glamourizing domestic violence. So disgusting. CTV Edmonton - Salon owner apologizes to victims of domestic abuse over controversial ad - CTV News The salon owner grasps at straws to backpedal as...
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    Skin Care Geeks - to robe or not?

    Hi loves, I'm just wondering, when you geeks get your clients into the rooms for their facials, do you have them change into a robe/wrap and then get under the covers? or just have them get under there in their undergarments? Just deciding if I need to go get some wraps... Thanks! :D
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    Switching to gels

    Hey girls, My mom's friend is coming in tonight for a pedicure. She would like to switch from her NSS acrylics to Brisa gel. I have never soaked unknown l&p's off before, so I'm not sure how to go about it. And am I good to put gels right on after?
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    Tricky nail shape

    Hi geeks, One of those days. Let me tell you. Ugh. :sad: I had a really sweet client come in at 5:30 pm for a set of french gels and shellac toes. She was brand new and wanted gels for her vacation she is leaving on tomorrow. All was fine until I looked at her fingers/nails and most of them...
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    Extension conundrum!

    Hi geeks! I have quite the hair issue. My hair is EXTREMELY curly. It curls tightly right down to the root. I also have extremely thick hair and just a lot of it in general. I only ever wear it straight or with big curls that I do using my flat iron. I would love to get extensions however I...
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    Using Shellac images etc

    Hi ladies, I'm wondering how I can go about getting and using some Shellac images in my promo literature for my Spa. This other girl in town runs an illegal place and has just copied all the photos off of CND's website and I definitely do not want to be like that. She even has the colour...
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    used retention kit?

    Hi Girls, I've decided to foray into acrylics. I got a retention starter kit at my go-to nail source. However, when I opened the box, my scrubfresh bottle is only filled up to the middle of the round symbol thing. I googled it and the pictures all show it filled up to cap basically. so it...
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    Dip n go problems

    Okay, so I followed the instructions to a T on the Star Nail dip n go kit. I found 3 dips made the nails way too thick. Also, there was a lot of filing to be done and the resin ran everywhere. Even under her nails. They're also grainy and such. It also took me two hours. I could've done a full...
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    What should I do? - Bad Brazilian

    When I was in esthetics school, I didn't learn how to do this. So I've never been very comfortable doing it on myself. I decided to go to a local spa to get it done. It seemed nice and such. They're big on laser stuff there. Anyways, when my red flags went up, I should have walked out...
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    Dealing with difficult client

    Hi all, So, I think I've finally had it with being harassed and verbally abused by my clients at work. I am an esthetician at a large spa that has many locations in Canada. It is a nice place, however I don't know if it's the location (inside a mall) or my bad luck, but in the past 3 weeks...
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    Dealing with the aftermath from NSS

    I had to do a demo set of gels today using Amore on my manager at the Spa I work at. Unfortunately, she got a really bad set prior from an NSS and they were quite terrible. Lots of bubbles, weird shaping and the whites were actually airbrushed on. Not even a white tip glued or sculpted white...
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    Where does a pedicure turn into a podiatry treatment? Where to draw the line??

    I am absolutely horrified at the condition of some of my clients feet. I am not a pedologist, a foot nurse or even a podiatrist. Yet, people are coming to me with toenails as thick as tree branches, clusters of plantar warts, really bad fungus and a myraid of other unsightly things. I don't...
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    Full Leg Wax Timing

    So, I work for a high-profile spa that charges higher prices and I know my clients expect perfection. I'm pretty good at everything I do, but I struggle with leg waxing. I have 45 minutes allowed for a full-leg wax; 30 for the service and 15 to clean up. Lately, I've found it wasn't enough...