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  1. MissBella

    Rockstar toes! Post your pics too

    This was my 1st attempt on myself, i was so amazed at how long they last!!!
  2. MissBella

    Online Mentor?

    Thank you Josie* i will keep all of that in mind :biggrin:
  3. MissBella

    Online Mentor?

    I forgot to mention that there is already a space for all nail treatments, The unit is quite big but i am confident that i can make it work as it is in an ideal location with a lot of people passing, i already have some interest in people wanting to the rent the spaces too.
  4. MissBella

    Online Mentor?

    Thank you :D
  5. MissBella

    Online Mentor?

    I plan on renting all of the spaces out with all the equipment, the therapist will only need their products and tools. The salon has 4 spaces for hairdressers which has 2 backwashes and 4 styling units and a storage room and shelving for products, Is this all they would need? Also i plan...
  6. MissBella

    Online Mentor?

    I am looking at starting up my own business very soon and i am feeling a little lost as i don't know what kind of equipment i need for certain treatment (I don't plan on doing the treatments myself, i only do nails) and would really appreciate if one of you kind geeks could be my online mentor :o
  7. MissBella

    Any business owners willing to advise a newbie?

    I'm very interested in this too! I have found my property and in the process of securing it and the obvious money ;)
  8. MissBella

    nsi attraction - just spilt primer none left help!

    I also use attraction and did a test a few months back. I did one hand without primer and one with and within a week the nails without primer were lifting :irked:
  9. MissBella

    Anyone here do their own nail extensions?

    I ALWAYS do my own, I let one girl do my nails at the salon i used to work at and she cut me on ever single finger :eek: and they looked awful so i've never let anyone else touch them since. I tend to find my right hand (I am right handed) looks better, maybe its because i am concentrating more...
  10. MissBella

    Comment by 'MissBella' in media 'IMAG0129'

    They are sculpts, i very rarely use tips now x
  11. MissBella

    Comment by 'MissBella' in media 'my own nails ages ago..'

    Wow i LOVE those colours x
  12. MissBella

    Comment by 'MissBella' in media 'Close up picture of nail after 4 weeks'

    Thank you =) I use all NSI products x
  13. MissBella

    Comment by 'MissBella' in media '36074.jpg'

    Thank you, I was pretty pleased myself considering it was my first attempt at this shape.
  14. MissBella

    Snapping Acrylics

    Do you mean she stole a file while she thought you weren't looking????? :eek:
  15. Close up picture of nail after 4 weeks

    Close up picture of nail after 4 weeks

  16. 4 weeks with no lifting

    4 weeks with no lifting

  17. IMAG0129


  18. DSCF1248


  19. 36086.jpg


  20. 1st set of toes on myself

    1st set of toes on myself