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    Loss of lashes

    Looking for some advice on my own lashes, I have a patch on my right eye that has suddenly gone bald, that's the only way I can describe it, maybe a quarter of an inch in the middle. I had a lash lift at beginning of July and she said this area was quite sparse. I've stopped using eye lash...
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    Hairdresser in Inverness

    I'm looking for a hairdresser in Inverness for myself and teenage daughter, we have a wedding so blow dry for me and probably hair up or pleat for her. Thanks ver much. X
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    Nightmare Gellisimo Removal

    Thought I would treat myself and get my nails done for Christmas instead of doing my own shellac! Had Gellisimo put on, liked the colour etc but oh my goodness what a nightmare to come off. I've broken the seal with a buffer, wrapped in tin foil for half an hour, hasn't even budged. Have...
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    Sensitive skin on 14 year old

    Looking for some advice for my 13 year old daughter. I can't seem to find a suitable cleanser for her very sensitive skin. She has got acne on her forehead and has been prescribed a cream by the docs and has been prescribed aveeno as a moisturiser, this is the only moisturiser she has tried...
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    Bobbi Brown or Liz Earle

    Looking to buy a tinted moisturiser for my holidays and these 2 are both getting good reviews online. Anyone used them and what did you think? Thanks for any advice. X
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    Recommendation for liquid liner

    I am looking to buy a new black liquid liner, can anyone recommend a good one. I have been using a L'Oreal one but find the nib is a bit bendy! I have been looking at Lancôme just wondered if anyone had used there ones? Thanks. X
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    Which glitter with Lobster Roll?

    Can anyone suggest which glitter or Additive to use with lobster roll, I want to do my fingers with lobster roll and have an accent finger with glitter and do my toes all with the glitter for my hols? Thanks for advice, we don't tend to use glitters in the salon so a little bit lost. I have...
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    Minx with Scotland Flag

    My 13 year daughter wants the Scotland Flag on her toes for our summer holidays, very patriotic I know! I have had a look on Minx website and they don't seem to do them. I was thinking of just using Shellac, Water Park and Cream Puff for the white cross. Is this the best blue to buy for a good...
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    Dermalogica training - not happy!

    My boss has decided to send 3 of us on the 4 day course in a few weeks time, unfortunatley they won't accept me as I don't have an HNC, only a 1 year NQ qualification in Beauty therapy, I have been using their products for the past 18 months in my job and really like them, surely it would be in...
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    Myscara - is this normal?

    Had this treatment yesterday for the first time, my eyes watered like mad when she was putting it on, though they didn't sting and one eye looks really clumpy, like I have put on old mascara so not the look I was after. So, how do I get it off? Bit disappointed if I am honest and don't really...
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    Back to normal, tomorrow!

    Well that is it for another year, school's back tomorrow. Feel a wee bit sad even though the kids have been off for 7 weeks. New chapter in our lives as oldest goes to High School! x
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    Cutting hair after straightening?

    Hi, Just popped over from the nail forum. I have recently changed hairdresser and the girl that has been doing my 11 year old daughters hair, straightens it first and then cuts. Is this normal to do this, first time I have seen this. She has curly hair and as a treat gets it straightened at...
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    Cutting hair after straightening?

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    French Shellac and spray tan

    I have a client booked in for a french shellac and spray tan, what would you do first? I am a bit concerned about it as I had a spray tan the night before I had my french shellac done and the following morning my nails looked like I had smoked 40 ciggies! Not a nice look. How can this be...
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    Kebelo Straightening/Smoothing System

    Hi, I am normally on the beauty forums but just wanted to ask if any of you hair geeks have heard of Kebelo, it has been recommended to me by my hairdresser as I am trying to grow my short crop a bit, but my hair is very thick, coarse and quite curly at the crown. She was raving about it and...
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    Other peoples children!

    Just having a little rant, just been to the park with my little boy and 3 of his so called friends were there, they had all been at one boys house for tea and they were really horrible to him! I am so annoyed and more annoyed at myself for getting annoyed!!! I am good friends with one of the...
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    Aberdeen Nail & Beauty Academy - Courses?

    Has anyone been on any of their courses, I am looking to do an intimate waxing course. They are quite close to me so would be interested in any feedback. Thanks. X
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    Looking to change skin care products

    Hi, Just looking for a wee bit of advice, I am looking to change my own skincare products and was thinking of trying decleor as have had a facial before with their products and loved it or elemis. I have recently changed to using dermalogica as am working with it but if I am honest I am not...
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    Glasgow or Edinburgh

    Hi geeks, My best friend recently gave me a voucher for the 2 of us to go away for the weekend to the Hotel du Vin chain, my problem is can't decide between Glasgow or Edinburgh, have any of you been to either hotels. I have looked on trip advisor and Glasgow is getting better reviews but I am...
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    Booked on Shellac Course, Excited!

    I posted on here the other night about the problems I have been having with the in house training I have been getting for Shellac so I have taken the bull by the horns and am booked on a course at the Finger Tip Centre in Edinburgh, can't wait. Thanks for everyones advice. X