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  1. l.a.m.x

    Which wax for brows?

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good wax particularly for Brows only? Thanks in advance xx
  2. l.a.m.x

    Blackpool and GF Sparkle lifted!

    Hi all, I recently applied Blackpool with Grapefruit Sparkle on top to one of my regulars. Did everything as normal and so did she but it lifted off after three days. This has never happened to her before, she usually gets the full fortnight. Anyway I didn't have the heart to tell her...
  3. l.a.m.x

    Tanning oil on holiday?

    Hi all, I was wondering how many of you use a tanning oil when you are on holiday? I am fair skinned and used one once when i was around 14 on holiday and got burnt to a crisp. I think it had SPF 2- big mistake! I am fair skinned and use a sun bed for 9 mins every couple of weeks to...
  4. l.a.m.x

    What makes a good manager?

    Hi all, A new thread for discussion! I would like to hear what in your opinions makes a good manager? I've been hooked on Tabathas salon takeover and its surprising how many staff members say 'I hate that there's no rules here!' I've had great managers and awful managers. Some of you...
  5. l.a.m.x

    Top coat with Additives?

    Hi geeks, I am just about to play with additives for the first time! :biggrin: Do I require a separate top coat for them, the same way we would for working with glitter? My glitter top coats aren't too nice but worried about tinting my usual top coat? I just tried cake pop with violet...
  6. l.a.m.x

    Shelf life of your tanning solution - let's compare!

    Hi geeks, I am hoping we can compare the shelf life of our tanning solutions? How long before you get the dreaded green tinge! :confused: I know they all have manufacturing guidelines, however, looking for feedback based on your experiences, not a label on a bottle! I am looking for a...
  7. l.a.m.x

    To buy a new machine and tent or not?

    Hi geeks, I need some sensible advice ;) I am considering buying a new tanning machine and tent. In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with my machine other than it being an older HVLP model which is quite bulky for being mobile, and my tent is passed its best. I am considering...
  8. l.a.m.x

    Primary Teaching in Scotland

    Hi all, Hoping some of you can give me some advice here please. I am having a massive career change at the moment so will keep this brief. I graduated from uni last year and landed what I thought would be my dream job in a hotel (beauty business out with). I was wrong and 6 months later...
  9. l.a.m.x

    Foundation finder- awesome website!

    Geeks I just had to share this website with you, its so good!! You put in your foundation and shade and it matches your shade to other products :lol: I am so impressed! xxx Findation.com | Find your perfect foundation color match
  10. l.a.m.x

    Lord and Berry make up?

    Evening geeks, Just wondering if any of you have tried Lord and Berry make-up at all? Are the colours pigmented well? I searched but nothing came up and am intrigued as its not a brand which gets mentioned in make up posts! :confused: Thanks! x
  11. l.a.m.x

    Salon Services wouldn't accept my certificates

    Hello geeks, I had a Sally's trade card which expired for some reason, so went along to my local store with my photocopied certificates and passport etc and they wouldn't accept my certificates!!! Apparently a new policy came out today and they only select certificates of NVQ and above. I...
  12. l.a.m.x

    Gelish with Shellac products help

    Hi geeks :-) I am looking to add Gelish to my treatment list. I have the full Shellac kit so will be using my lamp etc. I am hoping you can answer the following questions for me though before I place my order- 1) do I definitely need ph bond or is this optional? 2) how long do I cure...
  13. l.a.m.x

    iPhone Geeks! 4s or 5?

    Hi all, I am moving from team Blackberry to the iphone! My question is.. do I go for the 4s or the 5?! Is the difference in price worth it? I am bored of my Blackberry now and in love with my ipad so think I will really enjoy the iphone. My only concern is texting with my long nails...
  14. l.a.m.x

    Burn's Supper speech?

    Hi geeks! I've just found out I've been asked to do a speech at a charity Burns Supper next week, don't have long to prepare :eek: Does anyone have any tips on writing a Reply from the Lassies?! Thanks! xoxoxo
  15. l.a.m.x

    Bridal: eye shadow recommendations?

    Hi all, I have a few trials coming up and looking to update my eye shadows for bridal work. I have the Urban Decay Naked palette which I love but don't use on clients, can anyone recommend something similar? What eye shadows do you find the most popular when working with brides? Everyone...
  16. l.a.m.x

    Tanning: do you dry clients?

    Hi all, I had a spray tan done recently by a friend who dried me with the hose after she was finished. This isn't something I do but am interested to hear how many of you do and don't? Also I got a new client recently who said, 'oh do you not dry me??'..I've never been taught to do this ;)...
  17. l.a.m.x

    I need a new hair dryer, help

    Hello geeks, Can anyone recommend a good hairdryer for me please? I have fine-med hair and a good hairdryer is essential, don't straighten it much but style with a big round brush instead! Looking for something powerful, reliable and lightweight if poss. Also, I'm not a hair pro! Parlux...
  18. l.a.m.x


    Any fellow sufferers?! Mines are making me miserable.. I would say I get one nearly every day, sometimes just a real bad headache and other times the works. Would love to hear your stories xx
  19. l.a.m.x

    Blondme Mousse?

    Hi guys, I used to use this Schwarzkopf Blondme mousse and I loved it! Was hoping to get it again to build up my silver but apparently its discontinued :-( can anyone recommend anything similar or will it be better to tone my hair with perfecton instead and use an alternative mousse? Any...
  20. l.a.m.x

    DHA in self tans-ie: Nouvaglow?

    I'm interested in the % of DHA in self tans such as Nouvaglow. On the Nouvatan website it states it contains 4% DHA and the idea is you build up the colour. So my question is, is this the equivalent of a 4% spray tan?! Is this more than your ordinary tanning products from high street...