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  1. Hairgirl31

    Xpress colourart

    Hi all :), Im constantly looking at anything to do with hair and this popped up on my Facebook page about "Xpress Colourart", i messaged for more information but since i am mobile they wouldn't really tell me much. They advertise it as a digital hair analysis. I don't really know much more...
  2. Hairgirl31

    Candy Floss Crazy Colour disappointment

    This is one i done on my sister, i used 5ml of /65 Wella special mix , mixed with 40mls of 10/0 kp :) hope this helps :)
  3. Hairgirl31

    Wella Straighten It! Opinions welcome

    Me too!! :)
  4. Hairgirl31

    Wella Straighten It! Opinions welcome

    Yeah its basically just a perm :), I've never used the Brazilian blow-dry treatment i seen a few posts on here about it though but I love Wella they are the colour house i use so thought id play it safe and go with them. This is the first straightening treatment I've remembered to picture lol
  5. Hairgirl31

    Wella Straighten It! Opinions welcome

    I was hoping you would comment lol, ive been following all your posts! , it felt amanng straight after, but i know sometimes the condition can change after you wash it, so one it had set for 48 hours i went back to check the condition and it felt great, befor eher hair felt like affro carribean...
  6. Hairgirl31

    Wella Straighten It! Opinions welcome

    Here is the after:
  7. Hairgirl31

    Wella Straighten It! Opinions welcome

    This is my 70 year old aunts hair, i have permission to post i used the Wella straighten it intense to give her this look, she was over the moon :) I was really happy wit the result , can anyone give me any constructive criticism and their opinions :)
  8. Hairgirl31

    Cheap/low end tints for apprentice's mannequin?

    Hiya Toujours colour is good cheap tint plus vat when bought in bulk its a great price , a non pro cheap on for manequins even Poly colour Hope this helps x Sent from my C5303 using SalonGeek mobile app
  9. Hairgirl31

    Show your de colours

    They are both gorgeous well done xx Sent from my C5303 using SalonGeek mobile app
  10. Hairgirl31

    Help with colouring extensions

    I have coloured hair bob lengthed with a tiny root base 5 my colour is a 5/75 xp100 coloyr , I am having my weave fitted and I am having it liftednto and orange undercoat and a mask 6:64 will be applied I cant seem to find a weave light enough to match the colour I wat to be has anyone on here...
  11. Hairgirl31

    66/44 Colour Touch

    Hey with realy vibrant tones i always use 4% i find it covers the root better and the colour always looks great, i use Wella aswell but i have never mixed a 0/00 with it x
  12. Hairgirl31

    People expecting something for nothing!

    I am the same, After doing 3 cuts and blowdrys and 1 full head tint using mall of my proffesional products my aunt said "il pay you later" 3 weeks later she came herself for a cut and gave me £30 for the lot, i was fuming, and now shes wondering why im busy? I also have a neighbour who asks me...
  13. Hairgirl31

    L'Oreal toner

    Hey I had one client who loved hair hair ashy so i used a 10/0 Wella KP and added 2-4cm of Special mix tone 0/11 or 0/81
  14. Hairgirl31

    Help please! Color help

    Hey where could i purchase Redken Pre-art treatment and how good is it as im a Wella girl, and what is the Coppola treatment?
  15. Hairgirl31

    Bored of my hair , need advice

    Hey Hair gurus , I am a hair stylist and i am completely bored of my hair , i have recently pre lightened my hair from a 6/43 to blonde althouh i feel like my eyes are too dark to be blonde , i am not into going any crazy colours and i dont want to be darker than a 6 , my natural base is a 5 ...
  16. Hairgirl31

    Before and after-again

    This is an absolutely stunning result , well done , what colour house do you use? x
  17. Hairgirl31

    Before and after-again

    this is absolutely gorgoues!! x