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  1. samathiyy

    Summer Shellac

    What are some good/popular shellac colours for the summer months?
  2. samathiyy

    Acrylic nail just fell off

    I've had a client today who has messaged me to say her thumb nail has just dropped off. Tip and acrylic. I've never had this before?? I prepped completely, applied the acrylic as always (I use cnd retention) and all her others are fine?! Why would this happen?
  3. samathiyy

    Gifts for clients?

    Does anyone ever give gifts to clients? For their birthday, Christmas or other? What do you usually include?
  4. samathiyy


    To the girls who do nail parties, please could you tell me what you do and what you charge? I'm looking at aiming at kids and adults. I've seen on here that people put together gift bags?? Also, does anyone ever try to sell things at these? I'd like some guidance please :) x
  5. samathiyy

    Micro ring extensions

    Does anyone do these? I've found a course on groupon that I fancy doing with a friend and wondering if there's any money in this? I'm actually a nail tech so have no training at all in hair but think I could possibly add this to my treatment menu. Could anyone with experience give me some tips...
  6. samathiyy

    CND Retention without primer?

    So I was doing a clients nail last night and I realised I didn't use primer!! I haven't mentioned it but now I'm panicking. Are they going to lift/drop off??
  7. samathiyy

    CND Retention+

    Could anyone please pm me the cost of using this please? Just got the trial pack of it as I want to move from nsi but sweet squared didn't send me info like I asked :( thankyou!
  8. samathiyy

    What do you wear to the salon/mobile?

    Do you have your own branded clothes/tunics? Or do you wear an apron. I'd love to see if you've had them personalised or if you wear something different or style it up a bit!
  9. samathiyy

    Ikea Micke desk

    Does anyone use this? Is it a decent size? I'm looking to do up a small space I can rent and need to keep costs down!
  10. samathiyy


    Does anyone decopatch? I find it really interesting and I'd love to see what you've covered! Also - anyone got any bits in their salon?!
  11. samathiyy


    Do you find that you make money/can have a career as a manicurist rather than doing acrylic nails? I'm looking at offering more manicures, shellac and nail art as I really don't enjoy doing acrylics. Does this work for you?
  12. samathiyy

    Clients picking nail art

    I see some gorgeous nail art around and I always wonder - do you have nail pops to show or does the client give you a guide eg. Colours and you just run with it and create? What if the client isnt happy with the finished result?
  13. samathiyy

    Working on the street?

    So this is probably going to be completely out there but does anyone know how you can get a licence for doing street work? Bit like how buskers or I suppose markets. I live in a seaside town and now summer is here the main street in town is always packed and I was thinking that this could be a...
  14. samathiyy

    Nail art

    Does anyone do detailed nail art? How long does it tend to take you and how much do you charge?
  15. samathiyy

    UV top coat

    So I'm thinking of offering loads of differ nail art and things but I'm wanting them to last - longer than a normal top coat if people are paying for designs. My question is, can I use a shellac topcoat or a uv topcoat (salon services) on normal polish/acrylic paint on nails to make them last...
  16. samathiyy

    Do you use an electric file?

    Just interested in seeing who actually uses them and what for? If you don't - how come? :)
  17. samathiyy

    Foot treatments

    Now that the good weather is on its way I'm interested in getting some treatments for feet on my menu but not sure what obviously besides a pedicure and shellac toes. Do you find that people like to have extensions on their toes? What about rockstar/twinkle toes? Thanks!
  18. samathiyy

    Sally's UV Gel top coat?

    Bought the salon services uv gel today which is a top coat and it doesn't say how long to cure it for?! Does anyone use it and know if it is just 2mins?
  19. samathiyy

    Acrylic brush?

    Looking to buy a new acrylic brush - which would you say is the best?!
  20. samathiyy

    Applying acrylic

    What do you use to apply your acrylic? Do you just pour your monomer into a dappen dish and get your powder from the tubs? Looking for the best way to get organised.