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    Loss of lashes

    Looking for some advice on my own lashes, I have a patch on my right eye that has suddenly gone bald, that's the only way I can describe it, maybe a quarter of an inch in the middle. I had a lash lift at beginning of July and she said this area was quite sparse. I've stopped using eye lash...
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    Hairdresser in Inverness

    I'm looking for a hairdresser in Inverness for myself and teenage daughter, we have a wedding so blow dry for me and probably hair up or pleat for her. Thanks ver much. X
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    Nightmare Gellisimo Removal

    No, treated myself. Application looked fine to me. I've covered it with vinylux for tonight as don't have time to do shellac. Really disappointed in the removal of it as I know what I'm doing, dread to think how someones nails would be if they didn't! x
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    Nightmare Gellisimo Removal

    Thought I would treat myself and get my nails done for Christmas instead of doing my own shellac! Had Gellisimo put on, liked the colour etc but oh my goodness what a nightmare to come off. I've broken the seal with a buffer, wrapped in tin foil for half an hour, hasn't even budged. Have...
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    Sensitive skin on 14 year old

    Where can I buy dermividuals as there doesn't seem to be any prices online? We've tried clean start, too harsh, using aveeno moisturiser and Jane iredale powder foundation and a body shop liquid liner. Thanks for all the replies. X
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    Sensitive skin on 14 year old

    She was given the sebu wash but I was using the cleanser that she tried and was sensitive to both, really don't know where to turn to next! x
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    Sensitive skin on 14 year old

    Thanks for replying, we've already tried Environ and was too harsh on her, she is only using her cream from docs on her forehead, her main sensitivity is on her cheeks, she did say the other night the only thing that doesn't sting is water but she is wearing makeup so she needs something to...
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    Sensitive skin on 14 year old

    Looking for some advice for my 13 year old daughter. I can't seem to find a suitable cleanser for her very sensitive skin. She has got acne on her forehead and has been prescribed a cream by the docs and has been prescribed aveeno as a moisturiser, this is the only moisturiser she has tried...
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    Condescending nail tech

    Don't let it bother you, she will be feeling threatened! I knew someone like this, she only did nails whereas I did 2 years at college and she told me the problem with being a therapist is that you aren't really good anything, whereas as specialising in nails you are the best! She is hilarious...
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    Bobbi Brown or Liz Earle

    Looking to buy a tinted moisturiser for my holidays and these 2 are both getting good reviews online. Anyone used them and what did you think? Thanks for any advice. X
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    Chin wax nightmare!

    Had she been shaving before as that can make it a nightmare! What about IPL or epilation if its that bad. X
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    Teenage/younger skin facials

    We use dermalogica clear start in the salon but I have a teenage daughter who I bought the starter kit for and she found it was far too harsh on her skin though. x
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    Spray tanning courses in Glasgow

    Just hat the Morrocan tan put on today at the Centres open day, so far so good, liked how quickly it dried and also liked the smell. Guide colour looks good too and I am a St Tropez girl! x
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    Scottish beauty show

    Going to the show tomorrow, does anyone know what deals the Centre have on offer for Shellac? X
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    Tramadol and kidney stones

    You have my sympathies, it is the worst pain ever. I had kidney stones when I was 10 and the doctors didn't believe me, said I was just trying it on! I am now 42 and can still remember the pain clearly! My husband broke his leg a few years ago and he was changed onto Tramadol as the first...
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    Recommendation for liquid liner

    Thanks for the replies, I bought the Lancôme one today and a Urban Decay pencil as well! x
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    Recommendation for liquid liner

    I am looking to buy a new black liquid liner, can anyone recommend a good one. I have been using a L'Oreal one but find the nib is a bit bendy! I have been looking at Lancôme just wondered if anyone had used there ones? Thanks. X
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    Resetting the CND lamp?

    Thanks Izzidoll, I will be investing in one for home but not until these bulbs are finished! x
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    Resetting the CND lamp?

    Sorry to hijack this thread but do any of you know how to find out how many hours are left in my bulbs in the old CND lamp, I bought if from a fellow therapist to do mine and my daughters nails at home so as not to take the salon lamp home. Thanks. x
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    Anyone had the coil fitted?

    I had one fitted a few years ago but didn't like it as I bled quite heavily each month but don't remember having any pain and it was put in with no anaesthetic, it was just like getting a smear done. x