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    Advertising for a nail technician vacancy

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced nail technician to join me in my new salon, I have been advertising on lots of local Facebook sites but haven't had any response. Where are good places to advertise? I'm in suffolk
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    Nails Inc

    Hi, how do I become a Nails Inc stockist/professional nail tech? I am already a qualified beauty therapist and I really love the Nails Inc colours!!!
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    shellac treatment price

    Hi, what is the going rate for shellac treatments, both application and removal please, thanks. I am a mobile therapist.
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    Peeling free edges

    Hi, I have a couple of clients who have peeling natural nails and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it, I have tried all the nail products to help but nothing works, can someone please help, my clients are getting a bit distressed as their nail polish obviously won't stay on very...
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    Home salon

    Hi.:?: if I set up a salon at home or in a converted shed in the garden do I still need to pay business rates? I am mobile at the moment and am getting a bit fed up with carrying stuff everywhere and would rather be in just one place as then I can get more clients in in 1 day. I only work the...
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    Hi, I am in the process of ordering Shellac, it looks amazing!! However I would love to know if it is as easy as it says to remove or does it leave alot behind to scrape off! Thank you.