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  1. MissBella

    Online Mentor?

    I am looking at starting up my own business very soon and i am feeling a little lost as i don't know what kind of equipment i need for certain treatment (I don't plan on doing the treatments myself, i only do nails) and would really appreciate if one of you kind geeks could be my online mentor :o
  2. MissBella

    The best training near stoke-on-trent?

    Ive been hoping to a course soon but im getting confused :irked: The nearest creative course is cheshire which would mean getting a train which i dont mind but i would like to take a look at some other courses that arent too far away. Im also a stay at home mum at the moment so money is a big...
  3. MissBella

    Nail bed

    Hi everyone I have quite short and blotchy nail beds (some is darker pink and some is lighter pink and its all of my fingers) Ive had this for a long time now and i want to cover them up as well as extend my nail bed. I use salon system pink i know its not the best but i don't want to change...
  4. MissBella

    Wedding nail art

    Hi everyone my sister has asked me if i can do her nails for her wedding in a couple of months and i wondered if anyone had any ideas of what i could do i want to give her plenty to choose from. She wants something sparkley on her wedding finger and i want to make it really special for her all...
  5. MissBella

    Self taught

    Hi everyone Im self taught in gel and acrylic nails and nail art mainly free hand but starting to do airbrush.Ive been doing nails since i was 15. Here are a few pictures of mine and my mums nails. These are old pictures probably around 3 years :eek: and not great quality but the only ones i...
  6. MissBella

    Inverted moulds

    Ive been looking at the inverted moulds on Inverted Moulds™ I know about the popits but with these you dont pop the mould off has anyone used these before? If so are they any good? Thank you :)