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    Hi all, does anyone know where I can buy disposable sterile plastic receiver tubes please. Only found some from America and shipping etc makes them uneconomical Thanks
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    Nano needles

    best place to buy nano needles for my tattoo gun please?
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    Best phones for client photos

    Hi all ;-) im looking to get another phone to take great client photos for my portfolio. What phones do people recommend? This will be for microblading and machine cosmetic work
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    Sweating hands in nitrile gloves, help

    Hi all, hope someone can help please. Every time I wear disposable gloves (nitrile), my hands sweat so much. As I'm now training in microblading, I do 3 changes of gloves, and after the 1st set, my hands are so wet that I'm struggling to get more gloves on. Any ideas or help would be...
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    Best wax heater 1000cc

    looking for another wax heater, 1000cc. Any recommendations please?
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    Insurance for student training in microblading and SPMU?

    Which companies have people used for student insurance while training in microblading and spmu please?
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    Isle of Wight business working from home advice please?

    Hi, im training soon to do microblading and spmu. I also do lashes, waxing, brows, nails. I am looking to work from home. I already know that the local council have to register myself and business premises, but am wondering if I have to pay business rates. Are there any isle of wight...
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    Recommendations for electrolysis training Hampshire area please

    Hi fellow beauty geeks :) I'm looking to train in electrolysis and eventually go from hair removal to more advanced techniques. Im isle of wight based so I know im restricted and will need to travel. Can anyone recommend a good training company/person please. Many thanks for taking the time...
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    Glamcor lighting

    hi all I am thinking of getting better lighting. Everyone seems to rate the Glamcor range. Can someone tell me if you can change the bulbs? If so where I can purchase them and approximately the cost. Many thanks
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    Dermaplaning training

    im looking to train in dermaplaning. Anyone trained in the Hampshire area, that you would recommend please. Thankyou
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    Metal spatula

    hi I've just purchased a metal spatula to use, as I think I can cover a bigger area as the wax stays hotter for longer. Does anyone else use one? Next the dreaded question of double dipping? I usually use disposable spatulars and throw away after each use. Are metal spatulars more hygienic?
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    Waxing workwear

    do any waxers wear an apron when working or just tunics? If so can you share where they were purchased from please. Thankyou
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    Magnifying lamps, best for eyelash technicians?

    Just finished my training, and looking to set up at home. Can all you peeps share what you use please. Many thanks